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Just a few Things: 29/11/15

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Post Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:36 pm
Tired of New Age people and their arrogant attitude and condescending ways with us Satanists? Well, they are waaaaay off. I have had run-ins with them over the years and they believe themselves to be so oh pristine and their HOLIER THAN THOU shit-hole attitude. Satan has been revealing quite a bit, and they are totally off with their mantras for one, this is why they have to recite these thousands of times. When done the correct way, like with “SATANAS” it can be done only once and still be affective. I will be posting more information on this later. Also, their focus on the “heart chakra.” The heart chakra as most of you know is NOT the powerful center of the soul, the solar 666 chakra is. Then, most aren’t even aware that a mantra must be vibrated and they also don’t have much knowledge on how to use these.

I also got word regarding the reverse torah rituals [this is not verifiable, it is here-say, but…] someone told me he heard news that the Jews have been redoing the rituals. If this is the case, they will completely screw up their timing and create further havoc for themselves, but in any event, we need to stay on top of all of them. I will have more soon. I know there are quite a few. I am focusing on the major ones, which Lilith told me to do, as there are loads.

A JoS member here also posted an article about the kike pope and how he is trying to appeal to the Muslims for unification as “they both worship the same God.” This reveals just how bad off the Catholic and Christian Churches are in regards to their numbers of members and power. We need to keep up the spiritual warfare until they are completely and totally destroyed permanently. Never, ever turn your back on an enemy who is down. When they are down, this is the time to finish them. That maggot rotten pope also advocated the use of the micro-chips on humans and such, which is of their alien Greys; so-called “God.”

Also, most people are now aware of who is and has been behind that mass invasion of “migrants” into Europe… THE JEWS. So, like they always do, they try to reverse themselves. Some complain about it and I am sure quite a few infiltrate groups over there who are trying to stop this savage attack against Europe, working their agenda as always.

In closing, I also want to add there is a lot of misinformation on the internet and also in the media and other sources. This is done purposely to try to confuse the populace. Be aware of it. Don’t be quick to believe everything you read. It is a very tragic fact that most of the world has been completely indoctrinated, psychologically and mentally imbedded, and infested with Jewish attitudes, and other alien Jewish crap. Cartoons over the years are full of they typical Jewish family attitudes. Most people aren’t even aware of. This also goes for sitcoms and movies. Many people have spent most of their lives taking this in until it is so imbedded in their entire being and also within the mass mind.

The Jews are worshipped in the churches, and with the Yule Season, most of us have had certain things so forcibly imbedded, especially in childhood, like xmas carols… how many of you can remember the exact lyrics to carols such as “Silent Night” and other Jew-worshipping trash?
I know the other day, I heard one of those, and I could remember every single word to the lyrics. This is just how forcibly imbedded this Jew crap is. Most people don’t even realize it. I also remember in my time, cartoons us kids would come home from school and sit in front of that TV set [back in my time, there was very little choice in what to watch, there was a TV knob with 4 or 5 channels on it and you either watched what was on or you didn’t. there was no cable or satellite TV like now-a-days]. Cartoons like the Flintstones, the Jetson’s and many others, and all their Brooklyn Jewish accents for the characters and their Jewish lifestyle… you have to really know Jews and you can see how imbedded this stuff is. The populace is thoroughly saturated with this alien trash.

Enlightenment expands one’s awareness. All we need to spread the truth is to make others aware of things that they are and have been totally oblivious to.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

Post Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:25 am
Proof that our People are beginning to wake up to the truth about the jews:


"Dozens of demonstrators in the western Polish city of Wroclaw participated in burning effigies of Jews fully equipped with peot (side-curls) and black hats, Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reported on Wednesday.

The demonstration was part of a larger protest against admitting refugees of the civil war in Syria into Poland. Demonstrators were protesting that many of the refugees were actually economic migrants and terrorists, according to the report.

The demonstration took place on a portable stage in front of the Wroclaw city hall. Police contained the demonstration but allowed it to happen, with no formal complaints."
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Post Thu Dec 03, 2015 7:39 pm

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