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Post Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:09 pm
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Comrades and Satanic Forces, Warriors of Satan!

We need to Understand and Remember. We have to remember, that once in time, not too long ago, before the enemy spawned their ugly head and their ever looming darkness consumed this World, we stood out there as Heroes, not for any other Honor, but because we shared the common choice: To serve Truth and to follow Truth. Then, following lies that we "in power" became law. But even then, we stood in our side. Lies raised their dark powers and they attacked us, mercilessly and brutally. They only managed to do one thing- erase an image. They never killed the Satanic Spirit. The Satanic Spirit has always lived. It lives in us, it lived in our Ancestors, it lived in the people of all Ages fighting for Freedom. The known and unknown people, who have went against all tides, the literal fire and brimstone, with just one idea in mind: Truth.

There were those who were before us and there are those, who will come after us, long after we are gone. What matters in this is Eternity. The ever existing and Eternal Now. We have been standing eternally in the front of the eye of Eternity. Eternity isn't always to live forever, however possible this may be. Eternity is granted to all those who align themselves with Truth and fight for it. Do not let this transient show of the enemy blind you. Yes, they have turned our legacy for a short time, to evil. Yes, the enemy has blinded many people. Yes, the Heroes have became for short the "Criminals", but the Truth has never been lost. It lives in people still.

They have rewrote history to hide all their fears, mistakes and assumptions, to make they seem great. In a deeper sense, they are paranoid because the exact opposite has been occurring. You need to look no further than the average jew to see this. This is why they are always ready to drag the sword and kill anyone, their own, whomever. This is why they need the biggest castles to hide. This is why they can never build bonds of trust, comradeship and love, as we are doing. They are paranoid, inferior and fearful. They don't know why, or when, or from where their demise will come. They know that it is coming and that its inevitable. The enemy wants to get rid of the people in who Truth still lives. They know, that the moment of their defeat is inevitable. They have turned our names in Darkness, our Gods in defamation and our people in flames. Their hands are full of blood, of Gentile people, dead, living and even yet unborn. Have they ever turned the tide for any long while? Never. Always, something is onto them.

But they have failed miserably. They have failed to inflict terror in our hearts, they have failed to stop this wave. Our power is based not in titles or anything else, but the ordinary man and person. The guy walking down the street, this mother with the children and these young ones who want to follow a legitimate path of self-empowerment, Truth, Health and Success. You can't say this for our enemies. Our enemy has no faith and no loyalty. They are bonded by nothing, other than the mere serving of physicality. They have failed to wash away all this blood that ruins them and upon which they have established their 'reign'. Their reign of blood, torture and hellfire is dawning. The playing stupid and the jew talk no-longer works. They can keep lying, but the common people will be won over. They might have temporarily succeeded in bringing clouds upon the skies, rainstorms of lies and gloomy skies. But the Sun still stands. And they still, cannot stand him. The Sun will shine and erase them all.

Satan's Reign will return. We once were a handful of people. The bearers of our legacy and religion, have been few in number. Our idea and our power has though been unsurmountable. So many few, willing to die and face the most horrible of fates, but in the end, they embraced the greatest thing. They were few, but what can be said about their Will. What can be said about their Eternal Spirit? Do you ever think the enemy reached this or even understood this? This never happened. They followed the Truth, while our enemy follows lies. They have went against the enemy with all their Will and in their last moments, they cursed them forcefully and with a deathly intent. This still remains on the enemy. The cries and suffering, pain and misery they have inflicted to Humanity, these are stuck into their jewish souls forever. The screams of these Souls who suffered are onto them and they are revealed GUILTY. These curses and all this Gentile blood stands on our banner, waiting to be redeemed, which makes the enemy cower and afraid. Because they know that all these centuries of crimes, cannot but crush them. The billions of corpses the enemy has created by their programs, lies and merciless "world", we have to put to justice. These souls have to be put to rest.

In the last year, we have told you something and we all have told it openly: Things will get gloomy as far as the World goes. We will try to offset this by all means. But we have also stated what can be done about it. Then, you are to master your personal fate by the Meditations, as this is what the enemy detests and fears. We are entering in the serious turns of this War. The enemy is pulling their big attacks. Each day, the blood in the jewish hands is becoming more and more. Such is becoming our Will and Determination to stop this. We, the Children of Satan, do have the means and the ways to stop this and bring things back in order. It’s not too late, but there isn’t an eternal timeline for this. Action must be taken NOW. You must never forget, the people are the masses of the people. Most people are Gentiles. They can be blind, impaired and weak, but we are dealing with a murderous oligarchy of psychopaths and nothing else. Before I said to remember, where we stand, now I say, to understand, that things are different than what they seem.

You must understand this. We are dealing with a murderous oligarchy and not with the people. The People no longer trust these jews, their creations and projections to the Gentiles. The Gentiles are waking up from their spells and they are getting educated in flaming rates. As thus, the enemy tried to halt this, stop this and destroy the people responsible, but since this is not possible, they will machinate matters to do even more murder. They are planning a third World War. Not to fight one another, but to make the people kill one another. They themselves are very settled at the top. They enjoy seeing Gentiles die and they are doing everything they can to make this continue.

Definitely, the enemy has their pawns, but since when these people are anything more than living swine? They are afraid of the people. They are waking up, because some people were brave enough to step forward. The Satanic Truth will shine and in the coming years you will see people in the hundreds, then the thousands, then the hundreds of thousands joining us. We have always been stronger, we have always been higher than our enemies, yet the darkness consumed us for a while. But the Sun can never be extinguished.

The Truth will stand forever, with us and within us. The enemy has lost their mind, they are being exposed, they are senselessly murdering all over the place, women children and innocent people, just to keep their slaver authority going. Now, they want to catapult yet another war of catastrophic proportions. They are always doing this, all the time since they were around- more and more blood, only as to preserve their slaver authority and existence, which is parasitic and deathly for us all.

One must never forget Our Fhurer. He wasn't the Fhurer for Europe, Germany, or any other such specific. He was a Leader beyond time, against time, who shared with us an Eternal Truth. The Truth both in general, but above all, he showed us our illness- The jewish problem. Then, these soldiers of Truth sacrificed themselves and anything they had, so the Final Struggle against the Decay will be carried out. We might come and go, but the Truth will stand Forever and She must be defended.

It might seem that now, it’s the darkest before dawn. Yes, it is. The enemy pushed us into this darkness, hoping to destroy us. But this empowered us. It made us immortal, for He touched our Hears and Souls. In this darkness, you can see HIM. In this Darkness, you can feel Him. In this Darkness, you can see His Light. And in this time, His hands are layed openly on us, to hold us firm in this Struggle. He is there. He never left, He never forsake us. So many people wanted to get into the Darkness to see Him, for all they saw was darkness and despair, thinking of it to be Light! Give them the Truth, hand it over to these people. Then, the the blind will awaken. Then, the nightmare of the enemy will come True.

As for us, Satan's Light guides us. He is Bliss, Power, Victory and Justice. The enemy will be Judged for all they have done. They stand guilty, now and for all eternity. They *ARE* PAYING. Satan wants this World to be free, orderly, civilized, happy and elevated. Not a jewish owned and run slave pig farm. Satan fights relentlessly against this and this is why the jews are attacking Satanists and Satan in basically, the whole of their "faith". Satan is where the jews find their greatest disasters and failures come to life. Satan is where the JEWS LOSE.

Until the end and further, we will March. The Gods are laying their hands on us and we must take them and hold them tightly. We must hold them firmly. We must work under what is required of us, for Satan and ourselves, but above all what Satan represents: Eternal Truth. Our Will stands Imposing and our Determination can shatter the worlds, as it shatters this fake jewish matrix the people are living in, as slaves. The people will soon be free. Nothing else but Final Victory will suffice, and we are after nothing less.

Only Final and TOTAL Victory!




-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Mon Nov 16, 2015 8:03 pm

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I agree with you, even though things are heating up lately I've been having a energy buzz and feeling good even when the buzz isn't there. So I know we are doing some major damage. People are starting to wake up more and more as the enemy pushes our backs against the wall. But I ain't worried everyday my confidence grows more cause I know jews are going to lose, they are simply doing too much and becoming too bold which is going to be part of their undoing. These are exciting times, but we shall remain unbroken stead fast in our path to our satanic victory, it is inevitable.

Post Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:40 am

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This was beautiful and so very true.
Hail To Satanic Justice!
Hail Our Mighty Father Satan! <3
Ek verkondig Satan Lucifer as my een en enigste God.

Post Tue Nov 17, 2015 7:29 pm

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Hail Satan! <3 Hail! Hail!
Hail Father Satan and the Gods!

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They'll never take me alive!

Post Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:17 pm
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Post Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:44 am

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Hail Satan and his Gods!
I love them <3 and they love us

Post Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:41 am

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thanks, very motivating and inspiring,with father Satan and our gods forever!
Ahora es cuando debemos luchar con todas nuestras fuerzas, nunca dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy, el tiempo es ahora!


Post Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:59 pm

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Beautiful Sermon, HP

I am Forever at Your Side,Mighty Father Satan,

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Post Wed Nov 18, 2015 10:20 pm

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Such beautiful sermon HP.!

My loyalty lies forever with Father Satan!


Post Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:13 pm

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SPOT ON Comrade !!!


Hail Satan Hail Peacock Lord Hail Shiva Hail Kartikey HAIL all demon friends

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