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Angela Merkel is actually a communist JEW named Merkel Kasne

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This is from angryshaman666 in one of the groups

To put it simply, Angela Merkel is actually a communist JEW named Merkel Kasner and according to HP Maxine and any other experts in astrology, this communist piece of filth is as astrologically doomed as she is politically doomed.
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This means her death is totally guaranteed and it's only a matter of time and her birth chart is by far one of the worst possible combinations for anyone to have.

Add the fact the entire German race and most of Europe in general want this communist kike vermin dead and you can see this is glaringly and HILARIOUSLY obvious.

https://antizionistleague.files.wordpre ... munist.jpg

Now there have also been many threads, some posted by the HP's about how European governments have actually been kicking out their elderly citizens to house illegal muslim invaders.

One pissed off German man stabbed a "german" (JEW) Mayor candidate in Cologne in the neck for this practice about a month or so ago and the media claimed the man was "mentally ill" and that he was scheduled to have his head examined.

Because of course fighting against asshole politicians who are intentionally trying to kill you and your entire race makes YOU the insane one.

Now it'll take too long to find a good article on this particular event so if you want to know details just type "german man stabs mayor" in google and read through the articles.

Most of them try to spin this as a "nazi" stabbing a "pro-refugee" mayor candidate when in truth it's a proud and angry racially aware German stabbing a communist criminal who has had elderly Germans kicked out of their own homes to house muslim savages!

As I don't know exactly how many egroups we have I encourage you all to spread this information to all the groups and anywhere else on the net as well.





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