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Jews at “Forefront of Welcoming” Invasion

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Jews at “Forefront of Welcoming” Invasion


Jew Soros Admits To Destroying White Europe via Invasion ... -obstacle/

Billionaire investor George Soros [my note Jew] has confirmed he wants to bring down Europe’s borders, following the accusation made last week by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.



Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has led a delegation to Greece to visit one of the country’s largest refugee camps and to see the aid effort being carried out by World Jewish Relief.

He and four other United Synagogue rabbis spent Thursday at the camp on Greece’s northern border, where up to 10,000 refugees a day make the crossing into Macedonia.

Rabbi Mirvis said: “I’ve met people whose lives are literally on the line.

“Speaking to refugees has made me see the trauma people face could be eased if Europe would sufficiently invest in the hundreds of thousands who are in need.”

He said he had wanted to take a delegation from the United Synagogue to see the work the Anglo-Jewish community has already helped to fund, and show refugees that the community “is serious about responding to the crisis in a big way”.

He said: “I’m enormously proud of the response of the community.

“Thanks to WJR, our community is helping to provide life saving initiatives.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... -invasion/
Jews at “Forefront of Welcoming” Invasion

European Jews are “on the forefront of welcoming the influx of largely Muslim migrants and refugees,” one of Europe’s leading Jewish historians, Dr. Diana Pinto has claimed.


Speaking at a Jewish Community Center’s world conference in Jerusalem last week, Pinto, a Senior Fellow and a board member of the London-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research, described how “European Jewry, remembering its own postwar refugee status, is on the forefront of welcoming the influx of largely Muslim migrants and refugees—one of the greatest wagers of the coming decade.”

According to coverage of her speech printed in the Jerusalem-based Times of Israel, Pinto, who is also a founding member of the European Council on Foreign Relations, said that “in this interface with peoples holding historically laden identities, European Jewry is saying, ‘It doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is where you’re going.’”

Pinto’s comments were confirmed by an article in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency of September 8, 2015 (“European Jews, mindful of risks, urge aid to refugees”), which told of several instances of Jews pushing for aid for the invading nonwhite hordes even though they were well aware that many of the incoming Arabs ]were “anti-Semitic.”


The JTA quoted Ron van der Wieken, chairman of the Central Jewish Organization of the Netherlands, as saying that while he was “aware that some Middle Eastern refugees harbor very negative feelings toward Jews … Jews cannot withdraw support from those in need and fleeing serious violence,” and urged Holland to devise a “charitable” refugee policy.

Zoltan Radnoti, the newly elected chairman of the rabbinical board of the Mazsihisz umbrella group of Hungarian Jewish communities, was then quoted as saying, “I help the refugees with fear that I am helping send danger to other Jews in Europe. I know some of the refugees may have fired on our [Israeli] soldiers. Others would have done so in a heartbeat. I know. But I am duty bound to help.”

Mazsihisz has set up collection depots in Budapest Jewish institutions from which it delivers food, clothes, diapers, medicine, water, and other necessities to the invaders.

In Italy, the JTA reported, the Jewish community of Milan threw open the doors of its Holocaust museum to accommodate homeless invaders from the Middle East and Africa.

In Brussels, the JTA continued, one Menachen Margolin, a Chabad rabbi and director of the European Jewish Association lobby, led a delegation of rabbis to deliver food and nonperishables to the invaders.


The Times of Israel reported earlier (“5 things you can do to help the refugee crisis,” September 17, 2015), that an emergency meeting of the Board of Deputies of British Jews was held in September to “coordinate over 20 UK Jewish organizations’ responses to the refugee and migrant crisis.”

The Board of Deputies of British Jews has even set up a special website called “Support Refugees,” supported by all major Jewish synagogues and organizations in the UK, to “be a one-stop shop for those who want to get involved in supporting refugees and asylum seekers both in the UK and abroad.”


Jews in Britain demand more nonwhite invaders be allowed into the UK–but not into Israel….

The Times of Israel went on to detail different ways its readers could help the invaders in Europe. Firstly, the article told its readers not to send food or clothing, but only money—because, as Shachar Zahavi, from the Israeli NGO IsraAid, was quoted as saying, “We prefer to purchase relief items on the ground [in Greece].”

What was really needed, Zahavi said, was “baby carriers to be distributed in Greece to those families that are still on the move and crossing borders.” In addition, IsraAid was organizing Jewish doctors to set up clinics in Greece and Serbia.

The Times of Israel also reported that the US-based Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) had announced that it has hundreds of staff on the ground in twelve countries where it provides refugees with legal assistance, trauma counseling, and training in sustainable livelihoods.

Of course, in typical Jewish Supremacist hypocritical fashion, these Jews and their organizations are all in favor of the nonwhite invaders pouring into Europe—but at the same time, all support Israel, which has flatly refused to accept one “refugee” from anywhere, never mind Syria.

As detailed in the LA Times of September 6, 2015 (“One country that won’t be taking Syrian refugees: Israel”), Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel’s “lack of demographic and geographic depth” required controlling its borders against both “illegal migrants and terrorism.”


This “lack of demographic depth” to which he referred is of course the fact that immigration into Israel is strictly controlled and is racially-based: no one who is not Jewish can immigrate to that state.

This racial exclusivity is what is meant by the oft-heard calls for the maintenance of Israel as “a Jewish and democratic state”—the Jewish propagandists always throw in the “democratic” part of that cry in order to divert attention away from the fact that what they really want is a racial Jewish state, for Jews only.

While it is of course the right of every race and people to have their own state, it seems that the international Jewish lobby only wants to reserve this right for themselves, and deny it to everyone else.

Hence the international Jewish lobby, through direct political action and their controlled mass media outlets, is always “at the forefront” of promoting the nonwhite invasion of European nations—but at the same time fanatically supports Israel’s closed border policy and that state’s racially based immigration policies.


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Rituals. More rituals. We must push our attack in the Astral Dimension. Every of us should keep on doing this or even more. More rituals.

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We don't all speak Hungarian =/
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(ah, that was hungarian?! i didn't even recognise :D )

...for the first time in my life, i am afraid in my own country! this has a big meaning to me, because i was never afraid of anything. i did a lot of travelling in different (not israel or islam-) countries and i never was afraid. not in big cities, not in the jungle or elsewere. now i am this at home and i hate it! also very much worried about my doughter's future or even the preset time...

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Nadine Cher wrote:
pffff ..... egy valódi hírportál lett a JoS ..... gratulálok !
ha valami napi hírt akarok olvasni, már nem is az újságokba nézek bele,
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nagyjából már azt toljátok ti is, mint a fősodrású zsidó médiák ...... :?

For those curious... English translation:
"Jos has become a real news site ..... congratulations!
Daily news I want to read something , I do not even look into the papers ,
but I look on the Jos ......
I had pretty much you can push to you as the Jewish media "

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This for you Anubis.

"In Norway, diversity has been especially enriching for underage girls. A recent study shows that ten percent of women in that country have been raped, half of them before they turned 18.

Please note that in Norway, 100% of rapes are committed by Muslim immigrants.

From the Local:

The survey of 2435 women and 2092 men, carried out by the National Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS), found that 9.4 percent of women in the country reported having been raped, compared with 1.1 percent of men.

“These is very serious information, and the dark figures presented here are much larger than what we’ve seen in public statistics,” Anders Anundsen, Norway’s Justice Minister, told the VG newspaper.

“What concerns me, as well as the scale, is that so few come forward. They decide to keep it to themselves, rather than take advantage of the support system that exists.”

According to the survey, 49 percent of the women who reported being raped said that the attack had taken place before they were 18 years old, with the perpetrator most likely to be a known person such as a friend, acquaintance, neighbour, work colleague, boyfriend or ex-boyfriend.

Only eleven percent of those who had been raped reported it or underwent any medical examination, with a third of victims never telling anyone what happened.

“One of the reasons why so few choose to report is that victims say that it is no use,” Ole Kristian Hjemdal from NKVTS told VG. “It’s a hidden problem.”

But mass rape is a small price to pay for the joys of diversity, which include ethnic restaurants and grocery stores and… probably some other things, I’m not sure. Anyway, it is fantastic, this multiculturalism, and we should thank the Jews for bringing it on us.

Without these ethnic restaurants, we would not survive.
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