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Post Tue Nov 10, 2015 4:10 pm
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Greetings to all our Comrades and Family!

Its been a while I have been thinking to make this post, which is about nobody else but Father Satan.

You know, Satan really loves Humanity. HE doesn't love Humanity from somewhere afar, he doesn't demand a return of this love, he loves Humanity both as a concept and a whole. He doesn't ask for endless worship, he really is Nature's finest. He doesn't want His "ego" filled. He is only interested in our wellbeing, happiness and ascendence as species and peoples, on a personal level. Satan loves perfectly and also, hates perfectly. He does this both in accordance to highest principle. Even His name, means the highest principle in existence, to be ever conceived by Humanity: Truth. This is what Satan personifies and is.

Nowadays, we know this being as Satan, which is stolen from the Sumerian root of "Satyan" which means "Eternal Truth". Stolen by the jews, that is, and perverted into the exact reverse. In any other culture, He had other names. He had though one thing in common with everything. He was the loving, powerful and defiant Creator God of Humanity, the Gentile people, the establisher and teacher of civilization. He was the one who gave us knowledge and consciousness so we can be conscious beings and not animals, in all these cultures. In just one alien sub-culture, the one of His sworn enemies, His name ended up to mean "Adversary". Adversary is what the Truth has been made to these people, but this is a whole another matter. In just one "culture", which is nothing but an amassement of everything that is stolen from everyone else, Satan ended up as an evil being, the Gods who helped Humanity ended up as evil beings. This is the jewish, stolen and perverse pseudo-culture, that is nothing of relation to the whole of Humanity. These people literally state they are of "another g-d" and totally something unrelated to all other people.

But this was never the case. Now those of you here, you have made a brave step. Despite of what all this "society" and what the "ruling beliefs" were, you approached Father Satan, breaking the barriers of fear the enemy has created to enslave you. Something inside you told you all the time that what is being said about Him is total blasphemy and dishonesty. Something inside your own heart, knew the Truth. How this manifested in your choices and what motivated you to seek Him, or when you decided this, is another matter and falls under the core reason itself. What matters is that you have returned to Him.

Satan though was never absent and never was far away from us. Satan never made vain or fake promises or demanded anything of Humanity, other than to do what is beneficial and frees their Spirit and Mind. Satan asked us to become our own Gods, because He gave us this ability inherently in ourselves. His enemies have demanded us to be slaves, eternally damned and to return to the state of Soullessness- on top of these values and aims, all the creation they have created is shaped.

I know from within me that many of you here, you have been alone, you may have been weak and frail, as this world strikes ruthlessly to break down everyone and put them under either subservience, slavery or to totally crush down their Soul. You have had a Soul in the midst of a Soulless world, a sense of Justice in a world unjust and of course, something inside you that was free inside this world of programmed slavery. Many even have been crushed to the point that they have been drained of even the Will to live. But Satan did not give you up, and He called you from within you. His call has a reason. Have you ever closed your eyes to listen to this reason, only to just feel it, only to just know Him? Without any expectations, without any desire to exalt one's vanity, position or anything other we have learned that "matters".

There are things that matter way, way more. What makes you an exalted creature has already happened: You embraced the Truth, in an age where the lies are ruling. This was a highlight in one's life and it should be treated with the same respect. For those who don't realize this, then, I have nothing but pity about their chained mind. As for others who have... We are all here moving defiantly against murderous and treacherous lies, steadfastly in the road of Truth. What motivates one deep down, but the love of Power, Truth and Light? Nothing else.

So many people say that Satan is about Darkness. While everything is under Him, including Darkness, so many do forget that after the Darkness, in the Magnum Opus, comes the Light. Satan is about this Light, eternal life. His title as Lucifer in all cultures testifies the same thing. So many enemies lie and claim of this, in the attempt to steal this from Humanity and confuse Humanity. They are investing their time in creating multitudes of lies, so that the people will be lost and never advance. They are attacking and blinding His Children in the attempt to harm our Creator, but because this is impossible, they just want to enslave what Humanity is capable of. For us here who know of Satan's Light, of Satan's love, everything is clear. We can see through all these vain promises, attempts and purposeless and unintelligent attempts of the enemy to enslave Humanity and its consciousness to an animal level. We can see the layers of this disgusting work. We can recognize its forms and our eyes have been opened. Above all, we have taken a decision: To Spiritually Act on What we SEE.

You know, the enemy supposedly, "owns" this world for this while. As Asmodeus stated, this time will be short. How many people do you see being totally happy and loved deep down? Supposedly, this world is created about "love". But there is no love in this world in any serious and higher level. Its just relations of exploitation, savior complexes, wanna-be and desires about it, songs about it, hymns about it, its blackened with victimizaiton, sadomasochism and fear, subservience and slavery- this is the love the enemy is teaching Humanity all along. Where are the actions and the knowledge on how to love correctly? How many people you can see and state that the Light of Truth lives within them?

Obviously no being that belongs to the enemy is to be listed in this. In their eyes you can see only fear. Fear and lack of knowledge or consequence guides all their actions. Even the war these programed robots are waging against Satan in anyway, is a war because of the "fear" of "God" or plain our sadomasochism and fear of their own "survival", and the program that reassures it. Nobody can state the same for Satan's Warriors. Satan's Warriors fight genuinely and from the Heart. Satan has touched brave and strong men to tears and made them kneel to the ground from His overwhelming majesty. How many times has He sent His beloved Demons to help you out and raise you from the pits of everlasting darkness and torment? How many of you has Satan made better, healed and elevate yourselves?

Satan shows us His love. You don't need to believe in Him as this is beyond this relation. Satan wants you to have faith and convinction in yourself, for you are a piece of Him. He doesn't demand anything but of you to be happy, well versed, civilized and powerful. He doesn't offer anything but Power and Truth, which are centered within you. Satan is the Teacher of Teachers. Satan helps in moments least anticipated, in ways that most people cannot even understand or see, or outright and blantantly. Satan acts perfectly. Satan and the Gods are not dependent on "Our" worship, or anything of this nature. They are beyond this.

Even from all His enemies, which are so unworthy of Him, they all of course may doubt the existence of their "god" which is nothing but a low grade spiritual terrorist, but almost nobody is skeptical about Satan's existence. His love is not only some emotion or some sort of promise. Satan proved His love countless of times in History, with the epitome of it being that He helped elevate and ascend Humanity to a point that it will be able to stand on its own ground. Satan gave us the deepest depths of knowledge which is the Spiritual Knowledge.

Satan was the one who came down here and helped us implement this and put it into use. Satan is the one who gave Humanity the status to be more than Animals. And Satan's enemies are the ones who are trying to rob this from people. Satan showed us endless love. He loved us as we were and like a Father, He didn't focus on providing solely, but on making His children able to provide on their own, for themselves and their existence.

Despite of what is going on right now, in this befallen Epoch, Satan's name was once sung all over the world. In any Alias and any tradition, His essence reigned triumphant. His spirit was ascended and was giving eternal life to people. The people returned this love, not because Satan wanted this or demanded this, but because they felt as such. In my own dictionary, I love means I protect and it means I fight. Satan's enemies are the enemies of all those who have seen His honest heart and love. You already have the highest privillege a being can have, right in their hands. Satan doesn't just "love" anybody personally without a reason or a mutual return, but Humanity as a whole He is obviously defending endlessly. I can also tell you of one thing Satan hates. Satan hates the jews, for they have attacked and they have sworn to destroy what He has created and put into establishment- Humanity. Satan's name must be defended from all the jewish lies, as the blasphemy these beings have committed is beyond any word. To love someone means to stand by them, not in word, but in deed.

So many are wandering around, purposelessly and asleep, without realizing what they are to do, that inside them sleeps the Gift of Satan's Providence. The Godhead. How many will die this day without the gift that you yourself have found? Does it take too much of a choice to realize, that this is the Greatest chance on can ever have? What have you done this day to seize this chance? Wake up and once and for all, realize that we have the GREATEST, STRONGEST AND MOST PROUD AND BEAUTIFUL GOD THERE IS!!


For Satan's Love, usher it and climb the mountain of Truth. Hold your Brothers fast, the Banner High and for Satan's love, March forward!

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Tue Nov 10, 2015 9:11 pm

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Men have forgotten that which makes them unique as men. Is not in women or money but within themselves and their associations within powerful spiritual brotherhoods of their own fellow men of their race and creed. This is the core of civilization. -HP Mageson666-

Post Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:09 pm

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Hail Satan! <3

Post Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:58 pm

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Oh my, you made me tear up HP, such a beautiful sermon!


To victory brothers and sisters!

Post Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:26 pm

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Great Sermon thanks :)


Hail Satan Hail Peacock Lord Hail Shiva Hail Kartikey HAIL all demon friends

“It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit shall rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right.” -Adolf Hitler.
Heil mein Führer I know you were right -roadtorevolution
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Image Poo people...

Post Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:59 am

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In my case Satan is showing me the path and is tough but at least he is showing me.

I think people are conditioned bythe xtian agenda and the enemy's programms into thinking they must just get what they want.

We get what we must always and that applies for all creatures in existence.

I love Father Satan and this space he has opened through the JoS but it is a hard path thanks to the enemy's work.

Satan has forgiven me I know and has saved my soul and my conscioussness and now I know I belong to him I always looked after him

This is the first time I feel I am where I belong.

Hail SAtan!

Post Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:55 pm
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The replies were deleted because this recurring disrespectful behavior towards Satan will not be tolerated. If it happens once, its question. Twice, its a question. Trice, okay, maybe its a question. If it happens every week to demoralize members over lies, its an obvious fucking evil habit. One spreading lies about Satan will NOT be tolerated. Those who cannot deprogram themselves from the jewish lies and they want a magickal wishing granting machine, they can go elsewhere.

Satan ALWAYS helps people. But in a real sense and in a way that it can be REALLY achieved, not in some sort of gimmick and "for the show" way. Satan has done so much, most people cannot comprehend it and neither He ever bragged about it or even stated a thing. You just need to look all around and see. But I state this for us here nonetheless. Especially people who help the Gods, they help them in their own ways. The Gods act in ways that are just. They don't act in ways that make injustice, not in the basis of justice of some book, but their own.

There is something though that I have to comment about, so that people can understand this clearly about Satanism. Satan expects *US* to be Gods. The Gods are Gods and they are "beyond" many of the things that we presently think of as even "Godly". They have higher reasons they help Humanity. Also, if you are ABLE to do something on yourself, chances are the Gods will not help you. The point here is to become strong and a God yourself. Able to do what you want with your destiny and life, in this school called "life".

Now so many people act strange about matters. The xian programmings, lazyness and stupid expectations, insecurities and fears, or megalomanic episodes are making their place in Satanism. This is abominational, but the Gods understand this. No, Satan and the Gods will not make things happen to you for your satisfaction, because htey are not obligated. Satan and the Gods DO help, but when you are trying to apporach them like wish granting machines, be prepared for a rude aweakening. Also, many people can state how Satan and the Gods gave them gifts, help and assistance that they never requested.

Most people in these societies and most people in general are stuck within themselves and there is nothing else they can see or perceive about things. For most people, "happiness" is just something physical or anything else. This is an aspect of happiness, plus the value the people assign to these things which ranges between people. This changes in time and meditation, in a positive sense. Then, most people CANNOT cope with reality and this is understandable given its fucked up, but this is a way to follow eternally. Satan is honest and so are the Gods, sometimes to the point it makes the illusions many do possess very uneasy. Also there is this adage that goes, you are never faced with problems that you cannot solve and with Truths that you cannot understand.

Everyone wants the pleasant fine changes and enjoying everything, but when it comes to accepting some hard facts and getting responsibility about it, causing it for one's self, discovering one's powers and becoming ones own "God", people hesitate and of course, start the blame shifting and anything else. But when people blameshift the Gods for their own problems and always blame someone else, it starts to become disgusting and blasphemous. Everyone wants to be calm and happy for instance, but when things come down to laboring for it and cleaning a cluttered mind (Which became cluttered because of one's ignorance or bad choices) everyone crosses their hands, go self righteous and self punishing, or god loving mode and start to do whatever, but what is going to solve their issue. Then, Gods, men, universe, planets and everyone else has to tie in to just...fullfill their laziness and go down this drill. If they are not, they are evil overlords of the universe and they are to be burned in the ethical Hellfires. And yet the issues remain unresolved. Simply because...

The jews lied to you people. They lied about everything and things don't work that way, not even for them. Welcome in real life.

If someone wants freedom then they are to take the labor and responsiblity that comes with it, or else, whinning and crying about not being a princess when one never even bothered to become one, is hypocritical, xian and of unparelleled stupidity. There are people who strive here in the path, disillusion themselves and advance their lives and their Souls and these people know what is meant by this.

You are to be your own God and part of this is being in control of what happens to you and what doesn't. *WE* are the Rulers of everything and people don't seem to grasp it because somewhere is this stuck idea that somehow, since the enemy has influence, things have changed. No, this never changes and this can never change. For others, they have to learn. The ability where one can learn, is the highest gift of Satan. From this ability and the Spirit, everything can be freed. Whomever is blind to this fact, because they can't drop off jewish deprogramming (okay its force to people, yes, but to keep this after a while becomes odious) then pity to them.

One just has to get to know Satan. Just approach Him, with your cards open and honestly. One has never got to worry about anything with Satan as Satan is God and He knows us inside and outside as beings. Satan is not a punisher, Satan is a teacher. Punishment most of the times is the product of one's ignorance, rather than the Gods. The Gods only intervene in serious things and most people can testify about this too. This is where sometimes, things might be beyond one's reach for good. He also knows the exact ways to help us, not always having to do with what we feel "comfy" about, but what will safely advance us forward.

Alas, what the fuck is thou gonna learn if the teacher comes to solve your algebra all the time? So many people go to Satan and just ask them to solve their stuff for them. Then they get pissed the Gods didn't solve the algebra. This isn't the way it works. You go forward, and they are here to help us. But you have to try to solve something too. Or else why be in school in the first place. So many want to get into the rocket and go into space, but when push comes to shove and you have to go from simple algebra to quantum physics, so many fewer do stand. This is what seperates who will become a rocket scientist and who won't. Simple natural logic.

Post Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:03 pm

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hoodedcobra666 wrote:
Satan ALWAYS helps people

not only that , if you show him you are advancing and your will to work for him ,he will invest in you upfront

aside from him helping you see more in regards to the current state of the world and what more
Thoughts become things.

Post Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:10 pm

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It is a so Wonderful and Beautiful Feeling to be able to control our OWN life by our own power, Satan teach us how to do this,
Satan always did the best for us and He continue to do so till this days and i know he will do it forever,

I am so grateful to Father Satan, because He teach me how to Handle things By Myself, This is for me, TRUTH FREEDOM
If everything was given to us all the time, we would not advance, And I know Satan want Humanity to progress in every ways in a positive manner, Satanism is the Truth Religion Satanism is the Religion that push me to always better and improve myself everyday, To learn new things Everyday , to empower my soul and my physical body everyday,
Satan His the Most Wonderful Father and Being in the Universe,

Thank you Father Satan for All what you have done for me and for humanity and thank you for all what you continue to do today for us.
Thanks you HP for this Beautiful and Very Inspirant Sermon,

Men have forgotten that which makes them unique as men. Is not in women or money but within themselves and their associations within powerful spiritual brotherhoods of their own fellow men of their race and creed. This is the core of civilization. -HP Mageson666-

Post Wed Nov 11, 2015 8:05 pm

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really it is the persons choice , you can whine and cry because Satanism is not what you thought it would be , getting everything you ever wanted for doing nothing and all that candy crap, you are going to be stunned when shit hits the fan and you run out of time regretting and saying you wish you studied and did more, missing out on great opportunities and making some amazing realtionships with amazing beings that accept you for who you are and truly deeply love you..

nope , better stay a communist deluded shitfuck that has a peanut instead of a brain , degenerating on all levels to the point he doesnt even know where he is or where he is going filling himself with this fake belief and false sense of security that all is well and everything is going to be ok.
Thoughts become things.

Post Wed Nov 11, 2015 8:15 pm

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Apologies to Aurora with my reply to them. I understand we are suppose to help each other but what they said did not give me the impression that they are even trying which is why i said what i did. Not saying it was correct just explaining why I my response was so harsh. Again I apologize and will try to find better ways to respond to post like the one made by Aurora. Honestly I usually avoid post like theirs but that one really pissed me off. I'm not trying to set a wrong example to other members, I just tend to wonder whose really serious when I see post like the original one Aurora made, we are all at different levels and I will try to be more mindful of that though it can be difficult. Once again apologies to Aurora.

Post Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:24 am

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hoodedcobra666 wrote:
The replies were deleted because this recurring disrespectful behavior towards Satan will not be tolerated. If it happens once, its question. Twice, its a question. Trice, okay, maybe its a question. If it happens every week to demoralize members over lies, its an obvious fucking evil habit. One spreading lies about Satan will NOT be tolerated. Those who cannot deprogram themselves from the jewish lies and they want a magickal wishing granting machine, they can go elsewhere.

Yeah, you are right. My reply was too much. I apologize for that.
Sourd an chiehl
Verily blessed are those that are enwrapped in the realization of leaving the path of total destruction; taking the path of creation... The Satanic warrior despises comfort in the limited, yearns for the infinite, beyond all that is limited and becomes the truly defined limitless.

Keep doing Reverse Torah Rituals! ... glish.html

Post Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:52 am

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Beautiful sermon/post. Thank you for taking the time to clear the misinformation around Father Satan's Identity. I feel like this is the kind of article I could pass around as a flier to people who are ignorant of this truth and it would do a lot of good. Ton's of important information that Spiritual Satanist's and people who are without could greatly use alike.
United under Father Lord Satan we cannot fail!
Praise be to all of the almighty gods of Duat!

Post Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:37 am

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I'm new here but humbly willing, please teach me to love you properly Satan and show me how to better myself. I'm ready!

Post Mon Nov 23, 2015 1:48 pm

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Drinky Snake wrote:
I'm new here but humbly willing, please teach me to love you properly Satan and show me how to better myself. I'm ready!

The goal of Spiritual Satanism is to spiritually empower yourself and obtain powers that humans are supposed to have like healing and telepathy. The final goal is to complete the Magnum Opus and become a god. Consistent meditation is key to those goals. A good place to start with meditation is the 40 Day Meditation Program available in Satan's Library.

40 Day Meditation Program ... stries.pdf

To earn Satan's love, you can work and fight for him. There is currently a group destruction working going on that you should participate in. The destruction working is crushing the source of all problems in the world. There are also reverse torah rituals you can do any time. The reverse torah rituals are removing the spiritual power of the enemies who are busy trying to start World War III and spark a Communist revolution to enslave the world.

Group Destruction Working (at the bottom with the VAV VAV VAV)

Reverse Torah Rituals

In addition to the above spiritual warfare, there are many things you can do.

You can place anti tracts where people will find them. Anti tracts are small pieces of paper that say things like :
"Christianity is a Lie!" or "Christianity is a Hoax! ."
More anti tracts are found here: http://hailtosatansvictory666.angelfire ... racts.html

Post links to and online. Go to Christian chat rooms and post links. You can also post information revealing the lie that Christianity is. Convince people that Christianity is a hoax by revealing incriminating evidence, such as that the Christian god is not all loving if he allows evil to occur. Look up arguments against Christianity so you can rip any Christian argument to shreds.

There is an entire thread dedicated to spreading the truth online. Fellow brothers and sisters post liks to youtube videos they have commented on so other people can like and reply to the comments. "Likes" and replies increase the ranking of a comment so more people will see it and hopefully visit the link in the comment.

Internet Warfare Thread

Send energy to the powers of Hell. Energy is needed and it is a simple working to send energy. One way to send energy is here: post13067.html?hilit=february%2014#p13067
You can also just raise your energies and then ask for Almighty Lord Father Satan to take them. This can even be done more than once, but always remember, never drain yourself, do NOT give any energy if you are even mildly ill or overly tired.

Other methods of working for the powers of Hell are on pages 9 and 27 of the "High Priest Hooded Cobra 666 Sermons and Writings" in Satan's Library here: ... 66vol1.pdf
Satanic FAQs

And, participate in our reverse torah rituals. We are in a war here and need to do what we can for our creator, Satan.

Reverse Torah Rituals ... ituals.htm

Hail Satan!!

Post Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:44 pm

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Many thanks Johnson_akemi, I'll be sure to study, practice and go through that material. :)

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