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Greetings to all our Comrades and Satanic Forces!

As you all can see lately, the jews are pulling out their final acts. The people, all people around, they are acutely aware of the jewish problem. The jews are being revealed, both in heaven and in "Earth" of all their doings. As with any other historical age, the jews will do again what they are known best to do : Distract people, threaten the people and confuse the people.

Now, as most here do know, the Banks are a jewish invention. In fact the historical invention of the "Banks" and "Banking" in general on how it turned out to be, has been just a manifestation of the jewish work of magick and their cunningness. The jews found this as the perfect means to handle, amass and steal the wealth of the Goyim. The jews always work to make themselves some sort of "living link" between the people and society. Banks never had to go so deep into the system, or who knows, maybe to be invented at all. But of course, this was the perfect chance for the jews to sneak in our civilization. The heavy power of the banks is centered around the Rothschilds family. One just needs to look around and all info is readily available.


Money is what the jews are after, as money has become into this jewish way of living, the center of all life. Money mothers’ materialism, except of everything else, and the jews can corrupt and snoop in and take over Nations and destroy them, solely on a culture based on Materialism. Accurately, it’s not that "money" does anything on its own. Its what its being done with it. And the jews are doing what they always do- weaponize the peanuts to enslave the Goyim with it.


When you have the insane and inhuman yids handling money, with their severe fears and grounding issues, reptilian forefather mental problems, you are setting a state and pretty much anything in disaster. The economic crash for 1920, 1978, 2008, what the world undergoes now- it all testifies where this system is going. The jews are amassing all this crazy amount of wealth, not because of the reasons the Goyims are able to see (after all, what you are to see is programmed) and NO, Zuckerberg and all these other filthy jewish creatures aren't amassing wealth to have fun, do drugs and fly by planes all over a planet to live the party life. They are amassing wealth for control, to control everything they want to control. After all, the hoards of the Goyim have accepted this way that money is supposed to work. They have accepted that life is about being a material slave and running around a rat wheel one’s whole life, as to fulfill the hungry jews. Don’t call on them, or you are an anti-Semite, bigot and Racist. Jew talk is plenty. It went from healthy capitalism, to Communistic Capitalistic Jewism. Jews turned materialism into the lowest level ever imaginable and turned the hopes of the industrialization to relate to slavery, bondage and a grim future for people. They made out of the greatest hopes, an abomination. Then from this of what they are trying to turn into an abomination, they are trying to create another even greater abomination: Communism. Doesn't matter what the jews take in their hands, it becomes a horror like their ugliness.

The capitalist system under the jews is in fact communism within an egg, with an unknown set spurt rate. Capitalism to a jew means, "Now its the time for me to amass all I can so we can force matters to the next stage - Communism". They are not parts of society and no, they do not care in an unconscious level, at all. The know entirely well what they are doing, its only you that does not. They do not care if its peanuts, money or shekels, they are interested in whatever moves the physical realm and causes changes in it, so they can change matters to their "eternal mission". Given they have nothing to contribute and do anything concrete, they take the white collar jobs, they are criminal overlords, they specialize in usury or parasitizing the talents of others to make money- that is the jew.

When a nation is accepting the jews and it has Capitalism, the jews by use of the Kabbalistic Magick, "Torah" and all their other means of brainwashing of the masses such as the media, their tendencies of corruption and cheating on others etc, they will not before long amass huge sums of wealth, since this system and the people are taught to be duped and cheated and call it “life”, for any bad reasons one can put in mind. This is the reason the jews are putting whomever they want in "Office", too. It’s just the shekels, the media, the newspapers and the magazines doing the jew job. With these means, the 2 or 3% of Humanity can make up the life of the rest of the 97%, most of which is just looking like a brainless slaves. Too tight in the ass to just accept finally, that the jews are raping this world and to do something, are we? Or well, it doesn’t fit one’s mind.

Some illiterate and cowardly fools, do indeed argue "christianity" or other jewish hoaxes are some sort of culture, but we know better- these are jewish programs and also, they are the programs to be put into the Goyims (Animals in Hebrew) brains, so they are accepting and open to be pretty much exterminated and terminated by jewish parasitism. Its just a loop of brainwashing, that their Gods are weaker to the jewish enemy, that they are to be swindled and animals, that they are to wait “saviors” and never save themselves, to be cuckolds and cowards, the pass the message down that resistance against the jews is futile etc etc. It’s easy to understand if you get the hang of it.

When a bank holds your money, the BANK holds your money. You don't have it. You are given something, some sort of "reassurance" and a "bait" to put your money in the bank. The jews are just taking over your mind based on pure “thoughts” and “ideas” and “hopes”, or to “protect” it. What remains is that they are taking your money. Long story short, the jews gamble out the fortunes of peoples in the Stock market and elsewhere, and they are making a profit out of this gambling. Simply put, the returns in % one gets from locking away their savings in a bank, are actually the result of this gambling. If it fails then you are screwed. But this can also fail, the banks can fail and anything can fall down the drain, but who cares, this is the money of the Goyims. It’s a well known fact the kikes who destroyed America in 2008, had very well prepared before this calamity, no different than the attack on the Twin Towers. The American people know entirely well what is meant here, and it has been a sad story. But a jew can never be an American, and they know it too. They are ALWAYS jews, wherever they are. This “no-ethnic” propaganda, is for ze Goyims. As Henry Ford stated, the jews are INCAPABLE of CREATING wealth. They can only STEAL and PARASITIZE already existing wealth. This is the nature of the jew. The nature of the jew is to lie, to steal, to use usury, to destroy, backstab and make your children roasted in the oven for their dinner, while drinking a cup of blood. Its not me talking, its historical facts and sacrificed corpses that testify, hundreds of pogroms for that reason and many more.

Well though, the jews also want total control over their Goyims. You are THEIR ANIMAL after ALL, AREN'T YOU! This is right in the jewish mind. You are their animal and like any landlord and owner, they are to own you like an animal. A misbehaving animal must be killed, the one most willing to be subjected helped to reproduce and the list goes on. Within, without and in all your actions, they want control. Xianity and Mudslime-ism are actually made to control ALL your thoughts, its another thing that they fail to do so. By design its their mission to control you. Yet this is not enough. They want more. They want to control your actions. Actions for now, but soon, they are developing the needed technology to keep people under strict control of an artificial intelligence, which will monitor every thought, movement, heartbeat and emotion. Long story short, the jews want you to INTERNALIZE currency, in the form of some technology. The “Currency” or to “Never lose one’s ID” is the motto the jews will be using for a while to get people to inject some microchip up their ass. After all, with all the corruption going around, you don’t want your money or ID stolen. But of course Goyims, the jews are causing this corruption.

But you will never know, will you? You will of course again think its “Natural” and “Revolutionary” or the product of the “Future” to inject in your ass some microchip or something. The jews will have brainwashed the masses well enough by then. Movies, “transhumanism” and all other filth which as convinced Humanity that they are unspiritual, useless dipshits, will have taken their toll to make Humanity feel so fucked about themselves that they want to get the jewish help. Of course, with help from jews, they vow to you they will make you a golden castle in the sky. This is like taking a loan or something. The future is ahead of you. Yet, if something goes wrong, you are doomed eternally. Well, but of course, the jews lied to you. They lied about the digital age and anything else. Now they have even attempted to turn all your cellphones into jewish ears to feed their insatiable hunger for human control.

They actually want to offer to humanity to hook them into some digital fake reality, computer life, so they can live there. After all, the Goyims are useless and they can’t do shit physically, so we might as well lock them into some Ultra High Definition Life Simulator, or something, so they can finally get laid, because they are too afraid to ask people for sex due to the fact that xianity has took its toll mentally. It all forms a perfect circle, you see? With the jews, the offers they offer are based on solving problems they have caused. Problem- Reaction- Solution. But well, first things first, inject some microchip inside your body. They want to make everyone a subject to their program. To put the game that they are strong with, under your skin or in your brain, literally. They want you to put under your skin a chip, in the form of a microchip, your wallet, ID and anything else. This will officially tie you completely to the so called "System". Whatever you buy, wherever you go, whatever you do, they will want to monitor.

They will be able to monitor and fetch data for instance, about what brand of pasta you are buying. What cloths you like to wear. Where you went and when you went there. The list goes on. They will actually just go to a computer and will be able to find your whole life. What you eat, when you ate it, where you were when you ate it. And of course, since money is now like "God" in this physical realm, because it makes anything happen since the Goyims are willing to do ANYTHING for it, the jews are going to pull their big act: They will attempt to take money OUT of the physical realm, into a digital realm. Long story short, money will not exist physically anymore. The jews will have it like a computer game. A command will be enough for everything, killing, destroying, giving life, making kings and anything else, whatever the sick jews will done. Whomever they like, they will bestow wealth to in any manner they see fit, whomever they do not like, they will murder from the chip from itself, or from depriving their digital currency with the pressing of a button. This just means, all the Goyims will be slaves and they will be kings. The jews are turning everything that occurs in history to serve their supremacist ends. Technology, money, philosophy, religion, nothing is out of this list. They can’t help it. They must serve the purpose or die. The alien nature of the jews, which is nothing like a human being, should be evident by now. This will ideally set the way for the dream that the Reptilians and Greys have of this Planet: Total and Complete DOMINATION.

Again, all this is just the so called "New Testament" upon which is "Prophecy" that the jews will do all these things to the people and attemp to enslave them, under one "God". These of course do adjust to times and events, but the core remains: Jewish World Domination. This is all not my invention, this sort of conception is just what is launched by the jews themselves in their songs, media, art, movies, prophetic books, rabbinical quotes, actions, historical moves and everything they are and do, pretty much. Just open your damn eyes and see:


This will give access to data that will make these filthy species "God" down here. Since they will know what products sell, what doesn't, what causes what, who spends what, who does what, there will be no longer any "secrets" and everything will become an amassed clump of nothing, which will be under the slave order of the enemy. Rebellion will be impossible. Of course, no "free" resources will no longer exist. As time goes, natural places where you can live on your own and feed yourself and so forth, will no longer exist. The jews have put fences and of course, they are rushing to take over all Water producing companies. Long story short, the jews are literally trying to take out the means to live and to keep everyone completely dependent on themselves and on their own will. What once was dependent upon others, the parasite, will now be the ruler. This is the jewish plan. Of course, enslaving people with a digital (Inexistent) currency, is the first thing the enemy wants done. The Rabbis openly state that the "Messiah" will not have any "spiritual powers" or anything. His “powers” they want to be physical. Obviously, the jews want to pave the way for this filthy being which they will put in charge of this whole “program”. It can be summed up as some sort of jewish matrix. The blueprint of that shit is actually put inside a movie which is named “The Matrix”. He will just be in charge of this "System" which will be imposed to the enslaved people.

If this seems as difficult to digest as much as it would be for a man in the 1900 that television would exist. Long story short, it came to exist, whether they were “accepting” this or not. Even if some people cannot digest this, this IS happening and hundreds of years of history and watching of the jewish movements in history, do testify enough for anyone to know. Just study history while being just aware of the Racial jew. Then history starts to make sense.

Of course, for this to happen, the jews have to finish their unsettled business, which have lasted for thousands of years. China has fell to their program, jewcy Putin is on his bike doing turns around his lovely Synagogue, the Middle East is being ethnically cleansed by their buddies, the jewish owned ISIS does its job well in eradicating the Temples of the Satanic Peoples (Pagans)...The list goes on. The "Bad" guys have to go though, as they of course will notice them and attempt to again, save Humanity. You know, these evil Nazis again will have to take the wheel unless the jews can force them out of living. These are the European and American guys and pretty much, whomever else resists consciously or not the jewish advances of jewish totalitarianism.

For this thing the jews have made up the Greek country a first experiment of their filthy little plan. They are flooding a small country with astronomical amounts of murderous islamic immigrants, putting the populace in impoverishment slowly and steadily, they are of course suppressing all political opposition by all means necessary and the list goes on. The jews of course keep on their same dialectic: "Diversity", "Poor immigrants", “Bad Hitler”, “Boo Nazis”, "The measures are needed" and the list goes on. In the bottom of it all, they are pulling out an ethnic cleansing experiments all over the place. They are also doing the same to other countries to break the European Union from the within, by the use of their jewish puppets.


By 2016 the Greeks will be methodically forced to do all their "transactions" with "Digital currency", because according to the jews in power, the Goyim have stolen way too much money from tax income. The Truth of this is that in actuality, the jewish politicians who were prominent, stole everything from these people and of course, their "Greek" lackeys who are nothing but jew blooded filths under the veil, have drained this small country dead, while filling their pockets to help mother Pissrael. Now the jews offer the solution of borrowing more money, digital transactions and becoming whores to immigrants, all of which apply to extermination of the Greek people. Many of course have heard about the Greek situation especially some months ago. The jews put Greece into the European Union with fake credentials, then started giving huge loans of the Greeks, who unsuspectedly went and got many loans.

Then they pretty much "popped" this economic bubble, since it was based in huge loans from the EU, it all fell in place and now the "Banking system" will even demand the homes of the Greek Citizens in exchange, since there are unable to pay their "Debts" which went to the moon in a very short amount of time. They were of course unable to pay, as their paychecks and their incomes were even halved or -60% lower than when they made the agreements with the loan holders. This 6 trillion jewish tears of interest, really pay off. You play with the jews and you will get burned. This is just the first guinea pig of the jews.


On top of this all, they are forcing the immigrants inside to even further destabilize, impoverish and endanger a small country such as this. They want to ethnically cleanse the Greeks too, same as the Iraqi's, Palestinians, Syrians and any other people. Others are already brought to their knees, so they don't need to raise a finger anymore. Except of the evident problems, there are of course the press, the internet, the “Arts” and everything else backing up the Racial Extermination program of the jews. The people are being kept preoccupied on actor X’s fake tits, while the jews are on the back making plans to stomp people out of existence. Of course, their greatest enemies lie in the evil "White Man".


The jews on one hand are panicking, yet on the other, since they are failing repeatedly to cause a WW3, they are just trying to make this a long lasting Racial war within the White States. The jews will be pretty much using these people as their puppets to attack the states they want gone, until they are gone and wiped out of existence, the people destroyed by Race Mixing. The jews see this in the depth of one or two decades, the White Race will no longer exist. Its the demographical data which claims such, since your average poor and weak immigrant has 3 children or 13 children with them, but the evil bad horned Whites hardly aim for 2 or 3 children. Race Mixing is fundamental in the jewish warfare. The jews know first and foremost, that lost blood and degenerate Races, mean social, ethical, spiritual and general degeneration of society. One just needs to open the Torah to see all their methods of operation.

Immigration is just the White-wanna-be-good-with-the-kikes-fools- paying for the blood, tears and death the jews inflict in the Middle East. Another message of the Torah: I do the damage, you pay the consequences. We are DOOMED if nothing is done against this, and we must at all costs fight this Spiritual War against the jews. The jews literally want to drag the whole of Humanity down the drain and kill them all. When the last resistence of these people is out of the way, forget "Human rights" and anything "Humanitarian". Just expect a huge stable, filled with racially mixed "Goyims" who have the iq of a baboon, microchipped and just waiting on the orders of the kikes, which will each own 2800 slaves. This is the dream of the jews, the dream of the "bible" and the core of all the jewish religions and teachings. As they themselves state, "JHVH" (The reptilian alien collective) handed them down the "Torah" so they can wage war to the "Children of Esau" (Gentiles) with it. All the methods are listed theirein.


Things are also very case sensitive. They jews are in fact in the worst position they have ever been, as the whole world knows about them and their phony shit, holoholly lolly tears. They may be able to cause things, but they are unable to manage everything of where these things will lead, as they are not “god” eventhough they state as such to their slaves. In the end, this will be their undoing. And no, despite of their shows, they do not have the power many think they do. They are in fact weak and fragile and this is why they are making hundreds of years of struggle to just accomplish what could be otherwise accomplished seamlessly if someone was able to do this. Any massive uprising of Humanity would wipe them out like fleas and they know this. This is why they spent 70+ years to defame a Historical instance that this revealing of their nasty mugs occurred. The magnitude of this has reached a distance unparalleled in history. People actually know Hitler was right.

The jews in their paranoid advance to kill everyone, destroy everyone, enslave their enemies and so forth, they are themselves falling in the worst trap they could ever fall. They are revealing themselves naked in the open. The jews are in fact, like 2 or 3 of the world population. Any global uprising can undo them in the blink of an eye. The people all over the world know the Truth about the jewish lies and deceptions and as the jews try to wash the blood from their hands, their hands bleed even more. Everyone knows. What we are here to do is set the spiritual undercurrent so that the people will wake up from this jewish nightmare and that these criminals are being put into spiritual judgment.


Some people have to save this world and fight for its freedoms.

Like always, the Bad guys will save the World again. The children of Satan will again be the bad guys who are the real saviors in this evil and ugly enemy staged plot.


-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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man this future can give your average "unprepared to face reality" human a heart attack very easily...

what i am coming the conclusion of is that in order to destroy christianity we need to work together as a team , we can accomplish small victories alone(these victories tend to not last or have low impact in the long run) but together we are a billion times stronger, we need a strong force to crush it once and for all

also having a plan to destroy this thing can be alot of help

and lastly we should get the jews to a place where whatever option they take they will inevitably fail
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