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Black Women and Black Men; Heterosexual Love

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A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

-Marcus Garvey

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This group is for black satanists who wish to educate themselves on our history and culture, discuss topics pertaining to our race and establish a spiritual understanding of who we are. We realize our origin in our creator god Satan and we transform our souls through the daily practice of power meditation. Through the daily practice, we ascend to a higher level as the gods and realize our true potential.

We cherish our existence by embracing our own divinity.

Our Race Is Our Nation


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I would like my brothers and sisters opinions on this.

My opinion is that it stems from Jewish control of Black Entertainment and the Black youth follow this and act it out. Most Black men are into the gangster culture or failure culture like dropping out etc. These black men treat there woman poorly breaking heart after heart and Black women keep going for them but when he dumps her she cries "niggas ain't shit". Eventually the Woman gets pregnant by the thug and he leaves most of the time or he stays. The daughter grows up looking to her father and compares him to the boys at school so she usually chooses the thug and cycle repeats itself. With the dad POSSIBLY raising the child if he feels like it.

Also most teenage boys just want sex but they play the girls into thinking it's something else and once they get sex they leave or they talk to the girl and at the same time he's talking to others, which the girl doesn't like. Sometimes the girl gets exposed as the boy leaks nude pics that were only for his eyes. This also stems back to the media and Hollywood. This affects other gentile races because growing up i remember watching drake and josh and Drake was always playing the girls. He also made it seem cool to fail in school not only blacks watched this but other gentile races because drake and josh wasn't about a black family. I've seen tons of T.V show where heterosexual relationships were put through bullshit. This only attacks the viewers the phrase "monkey see, monkey do" works perfectly.

With all these thugs in the spotlight portrayed as being Hercules the females want them it's as if the women have no respect for themselves and the boys don't for themselves and for their mothers. I think if people loved themselves and knew themselves none of this would happen. I also think parents should take more time out to teach their children to know what to look for in a man/woman and to be patient and slow down. The media puts love and sex in T.V for young children when they don't even need to worry about it. It just makes them rush for something there not ready for.

This is just my opinion tell me yours.
Up, you mighty race, accomplish what you will.

- Marcus Garvey

The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness.
- Marcus
Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.
- Booker T. Washington

At the bottom of education, at the bottom of politics, even at the bottom of religion, there must be for our race economic independence.
-Booker T. Washington

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I don't see myself involve with a black female now do to safety reasons. I was always and am the guy who wants to hold your hand and actually connect and be n give love. It's the jews In the media and abroad advocating the hit n run.

If blacks knew how to connect on the soul level through sex, then there would be no problem at all. Spirit sex is not going to create little tyrants, lol.

I see the girls who haven't been indoctrinated by the media as actually females wanting a relationship after a while as well as guys. But jews have spiritual power. I seen some black guy go to jail for wanting to see a kid who was more than likely a jew. I think they did this to keep him away from the other girl due to his blood. He was darker than me and no flaws- a prominent black guy.

With blacks in the school system as well as others abroad, they are all running through jew magical that alters and corrupts how we see and interact with one another.

I practically given up on all the mess. And the music is all the same. Either the b words and water hoes, or .........

I'll make love to you, like you want me to, and I hold you tight, baby all through the night (i know the whole song) boyz 2 men.

i really don't know anymore. Not alot of gentiles around here.
Either nneGa, or sweet romantic cake.

Or if those blacks grew up and watch Disney channel. You have a stereotype whiter version who doesn't see himself. And other people just are blahs who wanna flock around.

N money n b(word) n money n b (word) n money n b(word).

I'm probably out dated.

Inhale........ Exh-aahhhhhhhh...

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