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The Prophecies and the Destinies Call

For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Post Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:55 pm
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Greetings to all our Satanic Warriors and Satanic Forces.

Our Ancestors, from all over the World, have prophesized something, which can be found in all their cultures. They prophesized that the lies would take over for a short while. In the eyes of the mortals, endless lifes, but In the eyes of the Gods, one season only. They saw this, wrote this down, in their own blood which became water for the soil in front of the Temples in which they died, under the merciless sword of the jews and their puppets. They knew, that they would never die in reality, as they were above their mortal enemy. They knew that the darkness would loom humanity, they warned against this, but only for so long. Their last and biggest warning was for those who instigated this attack- They would be eventually, revealed and destroyed. Annihilated.

As for them, they followed the Greatest Way. They lived, they exalted themselves and finally, they chose to die in front of the Gods and make the Greatest sacrifice. They went against the alien enemy. They didn’t leave the Sanctuaries, they stayed there and burned alive, guarding these Sanctuaries against the endless hordes of decay. These hordes took their bodies, but their Souls made it to the Highest Heavens. And from there, they guide us, they keep us upright, to carry on against a battle of impossible odds. A Battle where the Light must eradicate all Darkness. These were the first and real martyrs, who gave their lives for Satan, in this battle against his enemies. Their bodies might have gone, but their ideas, their essence has remained, with us and within us. It has been passed down to Gentile people, aside with the dreams they possessed. The dreams of a world of Truth, like the Worlds that have been lost, only to be recovered in everlasting greatness, once again.

They were the ones who told us of the Dark Age. The Dark Age, where kings will be false, people will be enslaved, ignorance will reign, lies will replace Truth and false images will take the place of the True Creator. The Gods themselves would be attacked, Nature backstabbed, lack of order will reign, but only for a short lived while. Only until the beings of the Light, those soldiers of Truth, emerge again. From the belly of humanity, born as mere mortals, but with a duty and with a Divine Plan to bring order from chaos again. To give a clear message. That this World of Lies will be annihilated. They are the True Children of the Gods, Sons of those who once died, are very well alive. They are amongst the fallen species of Humanity. You might see them in the street, in the mall, in the wild. Satan Has Won and His eyes are everywhere. The Eye of Satan, the Eternal Eye has never closed upon Humanity. It’s here, alive as it always were. We just have to look back, remember, and channel this Light to the World.

The clouds of lies have hid the Sun, but the Sun cannot be extinguished. With memories that lie dormant inside their own being and Soul, these people will Rise, like the Sun. Those who, have fought, are fighting and forever will fight against the forces of darkness. Outnumbered at times, this is their duty. To fight to the end. To stand in Victory humbly and to never accept defeat. So many, but so few indeed. Misunderstood, with Eternal and Unknown names. These are the Children of the Gods. They left them behind, with a promise of their eternal Trust.

They also prophesized the Great One, who would come as a Lightning in the Darkness, to show that the Truth is still alive and that it will win in the end. His name was Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists, marched forward in a world of decay and degradation, to bring forward the light of Satan. To kill the fake and imposter “gods”, not with attacks, but by Truth. With Light and a Revelation. A light so blinding, that the loyal minions of the lies tried to extinguish, but failed. A lighting of the Eternal thunderbolt of Satan's Truth. These people back then, they gave all they had, they gave their own being and their life, sacrificing again everything. Sacrificing all they had, so the last Battalion of the Beings of Light can come, to extinguish mercilessly the darkness, which the jews have been allied with. They held the last stronghold so the Awaited Ones will find their way and arm themselves up in their Spirit and Soul, to carry the last Victorious battle in eradication of the enemy at the core. They knew that the future of this world depends not on weapons, not on guns, but on the Old and Ancient way: A new Creation had to emerge. A New Being. So Satan brought forth His Creators and Destroyers, to carry on the battle against the forces of decay.

The Ancients have prophesized that the lies Will Be Defeated. Once again, the Serpent of Truth will Rise. She will Rise, and she will suffocate all the enemies and lies, crush them completely. In Her upbringing, the Goddess will be Merciless. They also knew, that this fight will be a fight of no mercy, because the Truth shall enlighten the people to know once again their Gods. They will know all the crimes that the enemies of Truth have committed, and all the people of the World will ally against the enemy, crushing them in the spiritual level with a fatal blow, quickly and unexpectedly. Their lies will no longer stand. Nobody gave a timeline, but they gave a way and a teaching of sacrifice and loyalty. It might drag on for Aeons, it might come in years. They taught us too that time doesn’t matter- what matters is the eradication of this decay. The Truth shall be Victorious in the end, exactly as Adolf Hitler stated. Then, the World will know He was right. The World will once again know the Truth and the blood and sacrifices of all these fallen soldiers of Truth will be awarded.

Awarded, with the New Golden Age of Satan. An Age in which Humanity will reach a highest potential and the forces of decay will be defeated. The Age of Spiritual Bliss, where Humanity will go to the next level and the True Ones will rise above the plenty. An Age which will bear no faults, because it has learned from the past. An Age where Humanity is relieved from their deadly aliment of all the Abrahamic hoaxes, and all the lies shall be destroyed to the ground. The Throne of Satan shall be restored and last forever. The enemy is afraid, for they know about this, and despite of all their attempts to prohibit, change and steal this, they are failing, quickly and brutally. Their stolen and malformed prophecy is gravely accurate...The Truth shall be victorious, and Satan is the Eternal Truth. The lies will be run over completely and the lies will never win.

Listen to THEM All. They call you. Don’t forsake their call. Now it’s the time to march forward, like them, into Eternity. Let’s all, together, open the way so the Sun can rise again. Let’s cleanse the Clouds of lies and lift this coffin’s lid, so the Newborn Sun can arise. March Comrade and don’t look back! We will meet under the Eternal Sun, Glorious and Victorious.

Do you belong? Where do you chose to belong? To the innumerable minions and sheep of the enemy, which will fight cowardly only so long they do possess the power to fight, a fake comfort of numbness, the future and present slaves? The ones who belong to the owners Abrahamic hoaxes, the illegitimate sons and daughters of the jews, who have betrayed everything for the transient and corrupted?

Or, do you belong to the Ancient ones, who are living in all times and Aeons, as an essence of Truth, immortality and bravery, which are only loyal to these? Those who are loyal to themselves, for Truth and God are found within them. To those that belongs the Final Victory. The people who fight for Freedom, with a defiant will, aiming only for annihilation of the Rotten Lies.

Time will not wait. The Children of the Ancients are amongst us. The Sun is coming and it will emerge Victorious…

Sons and Daughters of Satan, we are here to FIGHT! Onward to WAR!!!


-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Men have forgotten that which makes them unique as men. Is not in women or money but within themselves and their associations within powerful spiritual brotherhoods of their own fellow men of their race and creed. This is the core of civilization. -HP Mageson666-

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Hooray that they prophesied. Boo that things were shit. Hooray that they prophesied so that we can know these things.
If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes...

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jew: Stupid goyim.

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The Beast in the skies has risen - in time it would come. The lands have begun their schism; all bow to the Fallen One.

May the mighty Mjølnir
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We are the Heroes of this generation. I was waiting for this moment of war and justice since I was born... But I forgot it. The jewish matrix put a disease in my mind, trying to transform me in one of the many rotten-sheep enslaved in the pit. But they failed. I won in the moment I choose life instead of death, beauty instead of horror, courage instead of fear. Truth instead of Chaos. This is the choice every of us made and this is why we are here.

Brothers and Sisters, it is an honor to fight with you.


May the Truth
always bring you

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if you are not with the truth you are in a very very disadvantageous situation, people need to be smart and know where they stand

very motivational thank you HP
Thoughts become things.

Post Tue Nov 03, 2015 10:09 pm

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Im saving this amazing sermon ! Thank you so much HP !

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Thank you for this inspiring post! Now it is time to march on and eradicate the jew!

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