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Post Thu Oct 29, 2015 7:11 pm
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My Satanic Forces, Satanic Family!

I salute all of you!

Satanic Warriors, this is one more Battle we have to do. One more War. A war that every honest Soul hungers. We have been anticipating this moment, because we are in anticipation of Satan’s Justice and Judgement!

After all we have discovered on the enemy, after all we have seen, after our eyes have been opened, there is only one way to go. What abominations have been revealed right in front of our eyes- inconceivable! The enemy keeps lying, they keep attacking, they keep slaying people for no reason, other than that they want to dominate this world. They keep up with their plans to the last moment. But, we know them all too well. We know they will NOT stop. We know that every moment we stop, they are here, lurking on the corner with their hands full of blood, ready to strike. No matter what, no matter the damage, no matter the consequences, we have moved together forward. We have moved forward, into a region unknown. I am sure all of your remember the times, when we used to ask for your loyalty. We told you, that Satan guides us. It was a honest statement, it was Truth. Satan gave us advice on what to do. After some time, you evidently saw the damage we have caused to the enemy. You have eaten the fruit of our labor. It is beyond doubt even to the most faithless people. But us, we know Faith. We have Faith in what we know.

This was only the beginning. These sweet fruits were only a first harvest. We now know, as the Whole World knows, what the enemy has committed. Atrocities is the faintest word that can be used about all these crimes. The enemy not only has been destroying people physically but they also attacked Humanity at its Spiritual core. They did NOT hesitate to attempt to destroy the Legacy of Satan, who is our Forefather and God. To know is useful when one wants to act, a curse when one is unwilling. Nobody can watch this and stay idle. Our Father, who has loved us from the beginning, he gave us the Truth.

The enemy is mobilizing to destroy everyone, after they are done with the “western” world. The Earth herself is suffering and nobody does anything concrete about it. It is OUR HOME, but it’s not THEIR home. The enemy wants nothing else, but the destruction of everything, if they are to go. They either want to rule a destroyed world, or go to inferno with it. Hundreds of years it has been the same identical thing, deathly and parasitic advance against the Gentile people. Murder after murder, lie after lie, slander after slander, backstab after backstab, blasphemy after blasphemy, the jew rose and rose upwards. They are forcing matters in such evident manner, that nobody questions anymore where the problem is. The scoundrels have dropped their cloak, threatening the people of Humanity with extinction, openly, by word and action. They no longer can hide, neither they are willing to hide. They are here to destroy and they let everyone know, OPENLY. Whomever doesn’t comply, they hope and try to destroy, soul spirit mind and body. As thus, the people know them. Now, people must act. We have to act swiftly for Humanity, before it is too late.

No Satanist must stay idle now. We will ALL stand in opposition to the enemy degenerates. We will all now, at this certain point in history, DECLARE OUR WILL! Our Will is the STRONGEST, our POWER IS THE MOST RESOLUTE. We are not bluffed by their Hollywood shows. The Will of the Satanic people will be heard and they will all succumb to it, as they always have had. For our Satanic people who have been butchered, in all Gentile Races, and for every word of Blasphemy against our Gods, they will pay million fold. But this even, is not enough. Those who know what we know, they are left with only ONE road to follow. We have to FIGHT. We have to AVENGE and put these criminals to SPIRITUAL JUSTICE. We work by EDUCATION and SPIRITUAL WARFARE. These destroy the enemy at the core of whatever they are. Truth burns like burning sulfur. We have to Spiritually DESTROY these accursed creations of the enemy, once and for all.

My love to Satan fills me with hatred about the enemy, our love for Truth fills us with hatred about their lies. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH TERROR, LIES, FEAR MORGERING. PEOPLE WILL RISE!!! SATANISTS HAVE TO RISE AND PUT THINGS IN THEIR PLACE!!!

Humanity, all Gentile people are being attacked. We are forced to destruction, a destruction that nobody deserves. People are forced to servitude. Out in the streets, most people are sad, lost Souls, because the enemy HAS LIED TO PEOPLE. THEY ARE STEALING THEIR SOULS. I know and all of us know who holds the responsibility for this. They now must PAY. They must pay, hundredfold of what they owe, for they owe upwards to infinity. This world has been put to a halt, the people were forced to destroy themselves, the Earth herself is suffering because they drain the blood out of her vains. Do you feel this is enough? What do people are waiting for? To be slaughtered first and act later? It’s either- or in this situation. PEOPLE WILL RISE!!! SATANISTS WILL RISE!!!

We have had enough. We are soldiers against time. But even now, at these dark moments, we are HERE as the Light to guide people away from the Darkness. The World depends on YOU, on US. For some reason, maybe unknown to you presently, you are here. No matter who you are, or what you were, you are important. Important on a level where most others are blind to now, but one level that Satan sees. You are following a path that few if no others dared to take. I believe in the reasons of Satan, and I believe in our Father. I believe in Him because I have seen Him, I have witnessed Him and I have felt His love, but also His hatred for His enemies. His enemies are OUR enemies, and OUR enemies are HIS enemies.

Everything comes down to our decisions. Will we take the hand of the Gods, hold tight, in the face of all this resistance? Do you love them enough? Do you love your fellow Brothers and Satanic sisters enough? Do you love the children of the world, who will have a chance to live in a degeneration-free society, happily, in a world that WE have created? Do you want to be able to state in any of the days of your life, that you fought for freedom and that you didn’t sit on the side to watch everyone else get destroyed?

If these answers of YES, are the ones that arisen in your own Soul, then NOTHING can keep you back. You have the knowledge, the means and the ways to act. Now, we must act. Swiftly, with empowered Will and without any hesitation.

OUR LAST RITUALS HAVE SHAKEN THE UNDERCURRENTS OF THIS REALITY. The Satanic Heavens heard of our call. Satan has placed HIS faith in us. And my love for Him is suffocating, its explosive, its like molten lead. It explodes and overwhelms us, as the call of Truth and His molten Serpent.

Satanists, you are not the one's to stay idle. You are my people, I am of you, we all together will STAND, as we have in the past, so we will do in the present and in the future. If I, and we all together, trust each other one time, Satan Trusts us millions of times. Let’s prove HIM right. You haven't stayed idle, before, you will not even do this now. You haven't stayed in ignorance, neither you stayed in bondage. You have always wondered, searched and watched. You have shed honest tears, your soul shouted a honest scream. You have fought honest battles against the enemy. You have spent your hours in service of Truth. Now, this is the time, where we will again raise the Spiritual Weapons. The Heavens will TREMBLE and the enemy will be CRUSHED BELOW OUR SATANIC FEET!!! They will feel our Will burning their souls, eradicating it from existence. Their work shall be destroyed and the legacy of the Gods will again be revived.

This Samhain, we are giving a gift to ourselves, to Humanity but above all, to our Gods and Satan. This is a time where like Suns, the people of Satan will rise, to fight just another fight for Freedom. This Samhain people will be sitting down, relaxed, joyful and knowing that they have dealt some fatal spiritual blows to the enemies of Humanity. Satan will stand upon His throne happy about us, Justice will be served. This Samhain will be celebration, love and total war!




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-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Men have forgotten that which makes them unique as men. Is not in women or money but within themselves and their associations within powerful spiritual brotherhoods of their own fellow men of their race and creed. This is the core of civilization. -HP Mageson666-

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This sermon is so inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for your continued work in building up your brothers and sisters

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these rituals feel like a gift or present to me :p
Thoughts become things.

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the enemy was prepared if the whole world would rise against them

but what the enemy was not prepared for was the truth of Satan coming out and the jews exposed, their tail is between their legs and there is no where for them to run and no wall for them to hide behind

we got them to the point where whatever option they take they will fail

dont think the jews and their reptilians were prepared for Satans side gaining spiritual power on earth.

we must fight till the end , until they are permanently destroyed.

Hail Satan!
Thoughts become things.

Post Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:45 pm

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They will have no tomorrow ! Our Satanic forces will crush them !


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This will be our Supremacy.

May the Truth
always bring you

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"Never underestimate your opponent. Never accept anything he has to offer" (Sean Connery, I forget the movie title.)
These guys have the ability to see the future (their advanced magicians). So maybe they planned for this time.
Maybe they saw their future as losing. So this is their last ditch effort. Hope so.
Just best to not let our guard down.

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This is an awesome sermon, thanks. Let's go and destroy these enemies by this world and be again with Father.

Hails Satan!

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