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Post Thu Oct 29, 2015 1:42 am
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Greetings to all our Comrades and Satanic Forces,

Now, many people need to understand something. Others have, others are learning, others are new to this, all will benefit, I believe. This post surely, is very long, but it answers these concerns from ALL sides. This information just has to be available, so when people reach a point, they will not be bluffed by circumstances below their “reach”. To destroy the jew is to destroy their influence on the minds and souls of people. This is education. Then the jew is revealed, their viruses cannot work. The jew can never be successful with people who think on themselves, are critical and they are really examining Nature and themselves honestly. The jew thrives for darkness and lies, lack of knowledge and a distorted understanding of reality.

First of all, I have to explain to everyone what "God" is, for those who don’t know or haven’t quite understood this already. People are very confused when it comes to this. I have related some points on my other Sermons, but there is more to this.

"God" broadly nowadays means either, someone who makes physical things happen, someone very powerful with power, some essence or some sky spook that controls the fates of men, some universal essence, whatever. It just means a lot of things, but nobody really knows what "god" is. It has become a faceless jewish fable in these late centuries. People are spiritually, ethically and mentally handicapped and therefore they cannot understand this concept. It has been malformed beyond recognition. It has become faceless nonsense, associated with servitude, the enemy and the attacks they are plaguing us with. In other words, it’s now a useless concept that has to do with the jewish supremacy over the “Goyim” (Gentile Animals in Hebrew).

Therefore, Spirituality, God and anything of these things becomes an obnoxious nonsense and jewish psychopathy. So naturally, people tend to not believe or not give a damn, or never take something that they know doesn't exist seriously. Unless they are blinded to the point of ignorance and brainwashing, where they shape their own childish world to live in, where some cloud kike that sits on the sky is "god" and the "defining" force of everything, even your grandma’s stomach ulcers. Literally, any Abrahamic religion having to do with "god" in the jewish sense, is nonsense and crap. These are just programs for jewish world domination, to blind and destroy the other people and Races, so they will do this easily.

In reality, the word God was used in the Ancient texts for any defining energy, that resides in a higher dimension and guides affairs in all aspects of life. In this sense, broadly, planets, chakras and any other such energy is “God”. Though, there is something subtler to this. “God” is like a “Joker” word, it can mean many things in many places, yet the center of the essence it’s the same. Any “higher” force, it’s a “God” energy. This is an energy that is neutral, it doesn’t reason in any way of our present conception, neither it “judges” or anything. It doesn’t think, it doesn’t “reason” as we would call it, but it actively creates and expands. It’s more of an essence, like the essence of the Aether, or any other element per se. From this, everything gets created in accordance to some blueprint. Long story short, in this understanding, “God” is just Nature. I

t’s just a defining force that defines things that we have yet to understand, but since we beings have the abilities to define too, we are too “Gods” in this eternal movement. This could be YOUR life, EVERYONE’S life, life in general, existence, how planets revolve around one another, whatever. The first definitions came to be, when the first “defining wills” came about. Some of these beings that we know as such, are different extraterrestrials who in fact, after millions of years of “self-developing” and understanding their own being, which when completely evolved houses the forces of existence, they came to realization that they can “control” and direct this very force. How these energies of nature take life, active movement and express themselves, are through beings. Beings are active, alive and expanding. Animals too, microbes and anything else, do project these forces and have some sort of such force within them. The extent of the power, varies. Also, most beings are not aware of this and this is what defines us from animals. In-fact, many animals might be more aware than present day humanity, under the slaver rulership of the jews. Animals do not know, neither they can quite exercise control on Will on these forces, but other, more developed beings, like humans, CAN. Life evolves on its own, cultivates and advances on its own. A plant doesn’t ask anybody to grow, just so the conditions are met, it does. This is the knowledge of meditation and the powers of the Mind. Generally, all forces who are “set” in an order and they define us, or we are partakers in this collective movement and they do thing we are not aware about, we used to call “god”. Other than this, Gods are higher than these forces and they have surpassed them, but they are also, ruling these forces to greater or smaller extents, depending on their power. These Gods we are calling our “Gods”. The Gods are beyond this, though.

These energies could be the energies of the chakras or someone, the energies of the planets, then as you went further back, The Gods as we know them [Those who descended to the Earth and Created us - our Forefathers], the energy of Creation itself, Lifeforce etc etc. God is a spiritual essence of the cosmos that is filled with causality only of itself, but fills anything else with causality. Also, it’s a source of life, because life too can “come” from this, but also, absolutely anything else can result. Its not like life is abundant in the universe, as its evident. One exists their “home planet” and they are set to die in seconds, before they reach out of the planet, lest they not have the necessary gear for this. This environment too exist. It would be a fallacy to state that everything in this universe happens about life, or anything of that reason. Things do “just” happen, but explaining matters verbally will not solve this mystery, Meditation will. This is why Satan and the Gods emphasize on meditation. If you want Truth and power, to look really at matters, then you have to look these from a meditative standby, using ALL your faculties of understanding. Though, when it comes to living beings, they too are the causality causers of themselves, when they are made “as the Gods”. This was Satan’s intention, on the contrast of the intentions of other enemy ET’s who wanted us slaves and unaware of this causality, ie, Animals/Goyim. The jews are playing a part on the behalf of these enemy ET’s, to keep humanity blind, away from the inner Godly essence and our Divine Purpose set by Satan. Inside living and sentiment, logical beings, this essence exists. The cultivation of this life-force/essence/conscious energy and its raising and amplification, makes one a "God".

Satan also mentioned to me, that the jews have lied relentlessly in regards to this concept and that our present day conception is entirely wrong about this concept, because we have been spiritually blinded, therefore they are preying on this to destroy us. I will do my best to relate this experience, how I understood it. I am not sure if I understood it perfectly, as the mind filters information to the level It can understand, but Satan wanted this message out. The enemy is behind these errors. They are trying to always inject to people that “Someone” or “Something” “created” all this thing, that reality is somehow predetermined, that it will “end” and so forth. This determinism is based on stupid, one sided physical speculations about “where the world” is going, while in-fact, nothing is entirely “set” in the universe in this way. Satan told me these are all lies, both in word and through my experiences, and I experienced this after many years of spiritual practices. Many of you can state the same, I am sure. I don’t want to confuse anyone, but there is no “end”, neither a “beginning” in these things.

There is only eternity and constant change, which is the only constant. There is no “within” and “without” of this reality, but this can be created, as in the sense of the Torah, which has every being locked down on this low dimension of understanding, such as the “religious” lies of the enemy. This is all in short, jewish lies and wanna-be stories. They wish it was like this, so their “Will” will be without opposition, but it is not. They want to impose their Will, because they are created as such by their “creators”, so they can wipe us out. This is their so called “purpose” and what they are set to do. Life happens on its own, and it has a purpose that it sets for itself, to continue life. Beings have to advance. Satan’s Race, I don’t know the “human” timeline for all these things, advanced to the point they “understood themselves” on a complete level. Racial Eugenics and these ideas come from this realization. They became their own “Gods”, and surpassed these “laws” all together. From there Satan and His Demons wanted me to know, that there is no “God”, other than the Divine Forces that are being revered. There is just an endless sea of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. This source is not “God”, neither anything else, of what the jews state. It’s just a sea of creative/destructive energy and consciousness. Every being that meditates can have potential access for more or less to this energy, and they can become “god”. As their power gets raised and they advance their own life-form, this becomes bigger and bigger. This force doesn’t reason, doesn’t judge and is not some sort of set “law”. Its a potentiality which can be everything. If anything, this force makes anything, and destroys. It doesn’t’ mind anything on its own. From this, the jews bastardized into the low conception of that “God doesn’t Judge”. The mixing of these forces is the bastardized notion of “Love”. From there on, the creators are responsible for what they create. In other words, beings of the universe are the Gods.

Heinrich Himmler stated that one will not to seek God, if they have this within themselves. This stupid dialecti of the jews that somehow, "God" is an omnipotent spook that sits on the clouds, is just nonsense and conception of a very low level. Its though documented, that the beings which the enemy duped humanity to believe in, are "residing" and "watching" humanity from the "skies" or the astral level, trying to enslave and monitor Humanity in all ways. This is again, "God" for the jews. Its nothing but their enemy collective, all its thoughts and actions, and all its attempts to impose its slaver order in this world. This is the "jewish god". For Gentiles, it has a very exalted meaning. This is the case here. You cannot seek externally what you have within you already. The jews are obsessed with this externality because they do not have anything concrete within.

This not some stupid statement, like people who stupidly state that they do “not have souls” and all these jokes. They DO have a “soul” of some kind, they do have a “serpent” energy of some kind and some sort of “serpent” too. Soul = Astral existence, roughly. This is like a pot. It can contain gold and it can contain shit. Even vegetables have some sort of astral existence. As for the kikes, they have humanoid bodies and this gives them humanoid abilities like anyone else. They lack certain parts in what they are, compared to what Gentiles have, neither they do have any exalted purpose to exist on their own like us, but I will not get into this as the community in their attempt to justify things that are not understood, they wipe out these statements to bullshit and degeneration to make up disneyland.

Now, as life advances, there are countless incidents that are being created, almost seemingly through chaotic/random chance. Amongst these sad incidents, were the creations of Satan’s enemies. At some point, some beings were created and these beings evolved too over who knows what timelines, starting to rival Satan’s creation and the ways of the Gods, who are in fact those who we call today as Demons. What we know of them collectively is, “the enemy”. The enemy consists of all energetic forms created by the enemy, the Greys, the races of the Reptilians and other sorts of imbecile beings, whose business is to keep Humanity on a low level of consciousness and intelligence, so that they will destroy us and use us as a farm for whatever they desire. Satan created us by spreading His Seed, which contains all the accumulated knowledge and experience of His Race (He is Their Leader), so that we will colonize the planet and part-take in this creation. The Gods themselves after our creation sat with us and taught us, advancing us extremely far in consciousness and understanding. Then, the enemy attacked us and they halted this process, because they didn’t want Satan’s essence to multiply, so that therefore, more enlightenment would begin and they would eventually be destroyed. These species can be mirrored in the jews, they are blackmailers, murderers, superiors that crash all their inferior, they destroy their home planets and the closer living thing to equate them with is a Virus. Just an evolved Virus.

The whole of the Satanic/Aryan culture was based upon the Worship of 3 forces. The Passive Force, or Divine Mother Goddess, the All-Mother, source of all Life. Lilith. This was One Goddess. The Father, or Active Force, which is the Conscious-All Father Force. Satan. This is the Will that sets the mother force in motion. The third and holiest force came from the admixture of these two, which is the Life Force, or simply “Love” as the enemy has stolen the concept. This unified force creates what is known as life, which then results into consciousness. In life, a “miracle” for a higher realm happens. The opposites Unite. This is the essence of “God” and it’s a common essence for everyone that meditates. This is what Satan is trying to protect, life that is worth it, according to universal understanding. His enemies can usher the forces, same as any animal can use force to get what they “want”, but they haven’t understood any concept as they are evolutionary wise, very far back. This is the same thing with their jewish offspring, which is cunning and strong in its own distorted way, but empty and devoid of anything higher. Satan is God and Satan is the one who is protecting Life, Advancing our Consciousness and enlightens us. He is showing us the Way to the Higher Truth. The enemy wants Satan, same as us, destroyed. Satan, through the Magnum Opus, wants to grant Humanity eternal life, so they will be partakers of this eternal creation. This involves the en-lightening of the Soul, which pretty much means meditation. This is why the enemy hoaxes are obsessed and try to mimic all the above, which was in fact the core of all Pagan Traditions.

When Humanity was on the making by Satan and the Gods, the Gods decided to give us the 5th element, which was the element of Consciousness and make us self-conscious and conscious beings. This automatically elevated us, a newly created Race, above the Races of the enemy, which resulted in “war”. Our creator is Satan and in many places in the “bible” and the other hoaxes, the messages are mixed on purpose by the enemy.

From all the infinite numbers of things that “could potentially” happen in the Universe, one thing happened. Life evolved and advanced, like all other elements in the universe. Though, this element has been conscious, unlike all other elements who are just dominated by this passive or active “movement” of existence. This “life” is a force that moves against other forces and has its own “Will”. The Kundalini of the Gentiles is the "Spirit of God" which is actually a gift by Satan, so people can rise to higher Dimensions of existence and stop being subjecting themselves to forces that bring needless suffering to the Consciousness. The jews are the antithesis to this Will of Satan, and they demand Humanity to descend the ladder of evolution, so that we will fall at their level and eventually, get destroyed and stop existing with such potentiality, because this threatens them, like pesticide threatens cockroaches.

Satanism is about Life, protecting life and advancing Life. Life is Sacred, Life is Holy and Life is revered. Not only Life, but the best Life. This is why Satan is Natural, the Natural religion and why we have all these Natural celebrations. Satan, except of our Creator being, is a representation of the Forces of Nature, including life. This is another reason the enemy hates Satan. Because they are life hating in general.

‘God’ is also a code word for laws of Nature, aside of the Forces of Nature. So long one understands and even succumbs to these forces, only then they can ascend higher. When this is done consciously, then one is on their way upwards to controlling creation. What defines man from animals is that man can understand and make choices about this, but animals cannot. What defines man from God is that the Gods are in total alignment with these laws and can even form their own, on top of these. The Forces of Nature do not have the “reasoning” ability as the one we may think, which was developed after hundreds of millennia, most probably, and is what is defining man from rocks, water or any other “element”. They do not have some sort of “understanding” but they are more like, just acting on a certain way. Satan gave us the necessary means to understand these, in our Souls. One is Fire, to understand the brutality of the forces, the other is Water, to feel the WHY these forces are in such motion, the third is Air to intellectualize what we find and be able to use these in every level we exist, and the fourth is the Earth element, so we can “bring down” these forces and put these finally under our grasp, so we can survive, like anyone else in the universe. Satan made us as complete beings.

Reason in itself is not a “thing” but its rather an ability to understand and make into concrete knowledge the “laws” that revolve around us in the existence. It’s an ability we have and that helps us survive. Another force has to be ushered against the brutal forces that want to put us into extinction. Yes, many are living in this peaceful planet, living and let be, but a small explosion from the Sun could easily wipe us all away. We are on a Race to keep our life, alive. The enemy has desecrated into complete physicality, that is without reason and purpose. Satan though wants us to KNOW why all this happens, where we are coming from and where we are going. This is why the Ancient Greek allegory is that when all the elements came together, Man formed, and that Nous (reasoning) was given to us by the Gods as a gift. In this way, we can create things with a “purpose” or generally, understand what it means to have a “purpose”. We can make our own purpose, give purpose, or follow an already existing purpose. The more in alignment with Nature this purpose is, the stronger it becomes, because it obeys the laws of Nature and as thus, its “Blessed” by nature. This is like riding a wave, instead of going against a tsunami wave, trying to sever it with a toothpick.

In that case, everyone has to "obey" God, because the “Law of God” is actually, the laws of nature. Whomever doesn’t, they get “cursed” and they get “destroyed”. When “god” is obeyed, “God” is gracious. This is nature. The jews hijacked this term to inject themselves within it, forcing into the minds of everyone that they are “god” and the “ruling law” of everyone else. Given nobody had the spiritual and occult powers, of course, they thought of them as some sort of “god”. The jews replaced these things with their putrid Jewish World Domination nonsense, to enslave anyone, placing themselves in the position of this “force” named “god”. The jews hijacked themselves into the position of those beings who could “control” these forces, by stealing OUR SATANIC knowledge. Originally, this was US Gentiles. They stole ALL OF IT, and now, they trying to control the forces of the “Empty Shells (Qlippoth) Goyim”, to do their bidding and create a world in the lowest level, of which they are to exist. To explain this, the jews call a “Qlippoth” (Shell) everyone who doesn’t meditate. Long story short, like the Goyim (Animals) these are just animals. They are calling people animals because they do not use their occult powers and because they want to make fun about how they stripped these away from them. Empty shells pertains that the “Goyim” no longer have a Soul, therefore they are nothing but empty bodies, like a rock or stick, waiting to be moved by the jewish hand by the stolen spiritual means (occult forces) to shape history into what they want. This is how the jews achieve things. A global Communist slave state, that is to be delivered to the Reptilians, is what they are aiming to do. Just focus on the Slave state first, which is the crucial part. What happens after, nobody wants to know really. This is the worst thing, that one can possibly imagine. I know many Satanists have “seen” this “possible” future. Nothing to do with any Original Concept, of “God”, or “Creator. Just jewish insanity and destruction of all life, subversion and slavery, murder and killings, suffering and sadness. Just some hijacking reptoids, who stole everything, malformed it, and injected it through what once was the Truth. That’s the story about the enemy.

All must obey to the laws of Nature, contemplate and understand these. Nature always has the best and greatest reasons, and always tries to act with perfection. Nature is HONEST. Its not some insane jew that lies to you about Liberalism, Marxism and anything else they magickally created with their nasty magick, so they can enslave the Goyim with. Nature is straight up, forward, her ways always work and bring fruits. Yet, when evolved beings with consciousness emerge, they are basically asked to take part in this process, wether they like it or not. If you don’t like this, you are eventually destroyed. From there on, mistakes can happen, and other forms of malformations, simply because there is no “perfection” as the jewish owned Hollywood teaches, neither “God” to correct these mistakes. Since Humanity has AWARENESS, Humanity has to become its own GOD. Satan and the Gods teach us to elevate to a level, so that we can do this. OUR CREATOR GOD, WHO IS SATAN, DOES NOT DEMAND ANY WORSHIP. Whatever we do, we do it out of gratitude, to THANK Him and to show Him that we love Him for His action in giving us life. Going back to Nature. One of these laws is the law of separation of Races, which is Natural.

Nature made it happen. The jews destroy everything natural for others, but when it comes to them, they follow whatever laws they have understood by TOTAL RIGIDITY, to the point they murder anyone of their own that doesn’t adhere to their laws and is against them. For the Goyim slaves, they can have liberalism, pseudo “human rights” and all other blinding philosophies that keep people bluffed while the jews are on the back, severely abusing all the “natural laws” they have either understood or stolen from Gentiles who were highly spiritual. When Races are separated and the natural laws are followed, people become strong and stronger, more capable to survive, to deal with their environment and channel this so called "God". This in the jewish clan is the Cohen and the Levi bloodlines, let alone other “clear blooded” bloodlines that the jews are keeping pure for centuries. You Goyims, you can Race mix. Them, they do Eugenics. You do sex out of mercy, you are sorry for your Race, you have guilt for everything and of course, they tell you how bad Eugenics are.

Simply put, since the jews were the only ones who used spiritual powers up to now, except others who were very few, eventually they took over anything. Its nothing fancy about their IQ, or anything else of that matter. It’s just abuse of natural laws. The victims and targets were totally without knowledge of what was going on. This, recurring in the centuries brought them where they are. All your “conceptions” and “understanding” about life is heavily influenced by the jews. They just spew out how you are to live, what you are to do, why you even exist, where you will be after you die and the list goes and goes. They merely lie at every Gentile’s face and have made people insane, cut off from nature and also, blind. The ideal Goyim to plow the meadows for the kikes.

Life is not interested what your “opinions” are in matters, unless you have the necessary tools to bring these under some sort of protection. You can put the opinions up your ass, and the jews know this all too well. This is why they shower Gentiles with all sorts of sickening philosophies that never work, are outright nonsense or are based into other things that make these seem real. For instance they state that doing drugs is good for people. Depending on how much you believe this and integrate this in your reality, this is how much it will affect you. Though, you will face the consequences of Nature for what you are doing, which is the destruction of your mind and body and the list goes, even life. Satanism emphasizes on the basic values of LIFE IN ITSELF. And its metaphysical laws. It doesn’t create all sorts of crap all around the place, minding how and if “people” can deal with this.

You can deal with this, or you can go and this is why Satanism is about the elite beings who show fortitude and loyalty in these teachings. There are hundreds of offshoot religions who are made to fit anyone’s Disneyland. Satanism is the ORIGINAL religion. That’s that. For instance, the stupid are not meant to survive. People here can see this, how much stupidity is going outside. The jews keep this stupidity up, alive and good, so that it will devour intelligence in the end, getting out of the way their most important enemies and the enemies of their agenda. Then they can ascend. Of course, YOU carry the weight of these things, YOU are the one faced with adverse circumstances and their effects of what the jews are doing. They themselves aren’t faced with any, because of course they apply Nature’s laws as much as they can. You, you can burn in the oven they prepare for you, for being disobedient to “God”, which is in their vocabulary, their collective of beings.

More “force” can be mustered by individuals and beings, and they are able to withstand and fight against more “force”. Man is put there by the Gods who created us (and these Gods are also, Living beings, who are Racially Separated too) to further the process of Survival. In this process, Man is still Man but they are advancing to Godhead. Satan and the Gods have reached the level where all these forces, roughly, are subservient to them. From there on, other realities begin, which we will not understand unless we reach them. They made us different for their own reasons, and because they follow Nature, of which another law is the law of Hierarchy in species and within species. Satanism praises Nature. As far as "Creator God" goes, this universe has no beginning and no "End". It only changes and gets renewed. The physical universe might have an ever expanding limit, but the Aether, which encompasses all, does not. Therefore, as "God" as we know it, Humanity has the one who created them, Satan. They always did know this fact, until the enemy came in and lied about everything, to destroy us. Its well documented in all the writtings who write about Satan, Satyan (Eternal Truth), Satyaloka (Satan’s adobe which is the Bhrahmic level of consciousness- highest level of being) and the list goes and goes. This is what it always was, until the enemy destroyed this notion into jewish nonsense. So everything was fine back then and Nature was taking her course. Then the jew came in and disrupted this process, no different than a Virus destroys a healthy body. All Races on Earth talk the same story, about the elder times where the Patron who created them is Enki/Ptah/Zeus/Odin/Shiva and list goes and goes. They too also mention the “Fall of Man” and the attack we underwent, by those who stand behind the jews and those who are using the jews as pawns, whom we know today as “Reptilians”. These beings too are of ‘superior’ power, but not necessarily superior than ours or of the Gods.

When man arises to the ladder of creation by the knowledge handed to us by the Gods, one starts to raise themselves higher in the level of consciousness. This is where many Truths are simply understood by heart, but they may not be able to be expressed. Expressing some stuff spoils such stuff many times. This is wisdom, which is waiting to become concrete understanding. Some are good at this, some are not, but the universe talks its language to those willing to hear. How do we learn? By observation of course. The opening of the Satanic 3rd eye (also known as “Evil eye”) is the Eye of Shiva by which we can see the occult reasons and laws of the universe, if we pay attention and get to a high spiritual level. The Serpent links one to the consciousness of the Cosmos and therefore, the Nature where we obey, we are now able to "bend" and "rule”. How "life is" and what "Can" or "Cannot" be done, rests on the level of elevation of consciousness of someone, not some abstract law defining it, other than when one is in consciounsess. Whomever cannot do this, is more or less subject to any other “force” that might potentially kill them or anything. As such, all levels of existence, they have their own laws. When one raises their consciousness, they touch the Divine Consciousness, which is the "Shakti" Force of the universe, the passive energy, which is in tune with the Active energy and keeps the universe going.

The statements about Satan going against his own “Father” (Anu), but having his Mother (Tiamat) on his side, are an allegory of this. This is the mastery over the active, unreasoning destructive forces of Nature who are symbolized by “Anu”, by getting in control of the “passive” or meditative forces of the female part, “Tiamat”. Other than this allegory, Anu was a “God” that helped the kings become Gods, so “he” was not Evil. You can see in the Greek fables, that the Fathers and Mothers of the Gods are, other celestial bodies, such as Earth, Sky and the list goes on. This is because, of the mixture of the elements. This was the “time before time”. Anu and Tiamat are probably allegorical and the same. These forces both existing in Man, are the “Divine Mother and Father”. Now in the literal sense, Father Satan is our Father, but in the allegorical way, the Divine Mother and Father are these above forces, who have “parented” every living being.

The allegory of the Gods coming to “mine” for “Gold”, I have already explained and I found also stolen in a number of sites. You see, some “bad” Satanists talk to Satan and he has Truths to say, others mimic and copy webpages and present falsified info to suit their mediocre, because they cannot do anything by themselves. They do not respect the Truth, so how the Truth can respect them back and give itself up to them? This is what defines us from them. Unless this attitude is given up, they are never going to see Satan’s light. Many will want to do so at the last moment, but it will be too late.

Another allegory is Cronus. The Cronus ate all his children, so his “Wife” hid one Child. This Child, when it was raised, it defeated Cronus. The defeat of Cronus happened by his “Son”, Zeus/Jupiter. This is obviously not a child story, but how beings through their “meditative” power can defeat the decaying forces of Nature and also master these forces, which have nevertheless brought us into being. Or better yet, brought the ET Gods into being which later brought us too in existence.

Satan is in India called the “Adiyogi” or the “First Yogi”, who descended to the Earth and gave us the knowledge of meditation. Satan, from the info we have even nowadays, this being seems to have reached this elevated Status first of all other beings, then guided them to this. Now, this state of consciousness and the ability to tap into this energy to guide affairs, is called as the "Tuning with the Divine Mother". When people attain this consciousness state, they are understanding of the higher purposes of life, why is life to exist, the Divisions of life and the list goes on. From this state of "All knowing" and the "Womb of creation", things are translated in concrete philosophy and whatever else is needed for the persons and civilizations to advance, such as, concrete knowledge, science, language etc. It’s the personal “link” to the “Divine Mother” and “Father”, but also “Universal Consciousness”.

The jews have lied to you, dearest “GoyiM”. Goyims are Yogins. The people who the enemy calls animals are the exact people who are to NOT be animals in anyway. There isn't some giant spook who does this on the skies, or who "created" this thing. It’s just natural and exalted form of existence, as the beings who reached there observed it. To see this, one has the option to rise. Or else, they can remain a jewish slave. Everyone to their own destiny, right? But the choice lies in your hands.

Our Gods are our Gods because they have been successful of defeating the putrid elements of death and so forth, in their existence. They also, created us and handed us down the knowledge on how to advance spiritually. From there on, we are to take our way. Millenia of Racial separation and Racial empowerment, brought their kind to the top of this ladder, where they all started to get "higher" towards creation. This evolution never stops. But to us, they are Gods, because they are vastly superior in all their powers and attributes. This is why we call them "Gods". Because they are so much above them, that we do not understand them fully. But we have points of relation, and they help us, they are guiding us, and they have given us the knowledge that cost them who knows how much time, effort and labor to find.

Satan wants this to be quite understood. "God" is nothing but a force. This force is neutral. It’s not some spooky “god”. As I explained, this “JHVH” in the bible is a stolen Egyptian formula, of doing magick and getting things to happen, whatever these are. Because jews have been the only users of this formula, they assumed the “position of god” and they “stole the Throne of the Gods”, aside with their draconian excrement “parents”. They could only do this with the stolen knowledge from us, which is stolen in most cases, VERBATIM, letter for letter.

“God” is just a force, or better yet, the mixed primal forces. It just exists and moves. From there on, whomever can tap into this force, they can use it, same as with any other energy that is set to motion and is guided to achieve a purpose. There is no “god” outside, sitting somewhere and creating everything. The mystical secret of the Egyptian/Sumerian/Aryan Kabbalah is that, YOU are this God, in the making. This force exists within you and you don’t need to search anywhere else. It’s certainly not some jewish imbecile on the clouds, neither some diseased and ugly looking rabbi who sucks the penis of partly reptilian offsprings. In that sense, WE are the Gods. But there are also OUR GODS. When the ability of someone to control all these energies becomes powerful, one starts to understand how to refine it, making their existence immortal and the list goes on. Now, the personification of this life/consciousness/God energy, is the Sun and also, the Black Sun. The more one's light body is refined, and the more this type of energy is inside, they start to become more and more "One" with creation, understanding its laws etc. Therefore, the Sun is also a "God" for the Ancients.

The "One God" which is an enemy corruption, is pretty much the force of the Aether, from which all causality comes. The why’s of this are unknown to me and in Truth, these cannot be understood or transferred by “words” in this sense. This is from where all beings "resulted" but this was a natural phenomenon and not some kike spook doing this, or anything in this behalf. In fact, the enemy books and the Torah, have locked the consciousness of Mankind to a level where things are observed that way. The Torah is actually, a book created by the reptilians who have stolen the knowledge we possessed, a turned algorithm, that creates and perpetrates a reality that is of a very low, murderous and self decaying level. This shit the jews do present as “life”, its rules as “god” and they are the ones who are sitting there, like the algorithm writer, pretty much reinforcing this program until its finalized and everyone gets devoured in it. They are the leaders of the darkness, despair and human failure. They are committing an existential crime of unparalleled proportions. We aren't quite living in any "real" world, more like, in a "seemingly real" occult prison, which is nevertheless again dominated by the Natural laws, a copy of the real world owned by the jews. This doesn’t mean this is done in its entirety, as nobody can “Escape” nature from “Within nature”, but you can see this prison all around. The bizarre outcomes of this is how all jews own the worlds wealth, why humanity is so fatally stupid, why people are lower than animals, why there is no spirituality and anything that has to do with the Original Pagan Gods has been lost. We are living in a reality within a reality, and most Gentiles out there feel it, but they are unable to express what they feel goes wrong, because so many thigns do go wrong at the same time by the jews.

Vibrating Aether, or "silent" Aether (waiting to be vibrated) occupies all places in existence and is abundant, whomever knows how, they can tap this an create or destroy in this infinite space. This is the "God" element that the "Gods" are breathing and that runs in their vains. It exists there, waiting to be shaped by consciousness and to be put in vibration. These are the stories on how "God" created "Earth" and everything else, or how “God” (Aether element) is omnipotent and so forth, but these are allegories. The jews are again degrading the concept to fit their own genocidal and murderous standards, and they place themselves as “god”.

Long story short, the Torah and its offspring nonsense books, it’s just energies set in motions by the will of the reptilians, which the enemy appointed rabbis are keeping in order, because the reptilians created them to do this. The “Torah” is the root of all this program. They are not Human like anyone else, they are more like programs set to a certain “motion”. Wether they win or fail, the enemy will destroy them. This is just the way the work, don’t ask why. I know it doesn’t make sense, but for them, it does.

The jews are pushing in this “program” they have created, which encompasses the whole of Human Consciousness at this point (not totally but still), that somehow Satan fell from Grace, the Demons have been defeated or whatever other lying crap. Yet, for the beings who are WITHIN this program, this might have been a reality upwards that the energies of this “program” lasted. Old day occultists who went outwards in the Astral realms of higher levels, they could see this program as either a “Cube” around Earth, or a “Box” or a Gauntlet, which veils the real world from the Higher Worlds, where we can see the meaning of life etc. This was recipe put in motion by the reptilians. I explained that Satan told me that this war is waged in CONSCIOUSNESS. When a species are attacked in consciousness, as the people nowadays, no matter what you “are” or what you can “do”, all is fucked with to the point a great being can become a cockroach. This is why you see all this nonsense around or within you. Meditation naturally “breaks” this program and returns one to “grace”. Also, the Gentiles trapped into this program, they are reinforcing and creating this program, without their knowledge, because their thoughts, emotions, beliefs and other crap, enforces and empowers the program. Their prayers also go to the same program and its reinforcement. The jews are using them like animals, and so they state in their books. The Goyim are animals that have to fuel the jewish works, they are like animals working the meadow on jewish instruction.

Satan was the being to have ascended into "God" status. This is total alignment to the higher forces of Nature and ability to usher them and use them for Creation. This is why Satan is called "King of this World" and "Creator of the World" in general. Not because he created the Earth or anything else, as in this stupidity and endless physicality, but because he is in general a creator. Nature creates nature and it is what it is. Now, we are co-creators and co-destroyers in this. These statements about the physical objects are spiritual allegories and allegorical. "God" status is not about having all you ever wanted physically, or anything that present day Humanity can understand ,because unfortunately, the jewish bastards have degenerated this message to where "god" is some fucking psycho who will kill people in the hellfire. But all this is just jewish mirroring. The jews are unable to grasp anything higher, they are only able to steal, because as such they were created, anyway. Its far more than this. In other words, being a God, is way of a higher title. How we mean it and perceive it is almost undeserving to the Real Gods, but in anyway, this is how we call this thing.

The "Why" of all the above and why all this happens and where this is “going”, everyone would be a hypocrite to say they KNOW it or WHY it happened, or WHY things are as they are. It doesn’t need be verbally communicated, as probably, its not even meant for this. The only hypocrites to state they know are the enemy, and this is because they never know and they never will know, so they lie. Everyone expects a verbal Truth, but they are not only not ready to “hear” this, but it may not even be able to be “heard” at all. Basically, questions such as these do NOT exist. These are Neptunian and blinding type jewish injections to make the Goyim go insane, over things that do not exist and that would never exist, unless the jewish virus injected these deadly ideas to other beings. The jew kills by Neptunian ways and also, endless brutality. Confusion and dust in the eyes are the number one skill they have.

Also, the thing that somehow there are things "outside" of this creation, is a nicely made jewish trap to make everyone go crazy. So many mistakenly believe that when they enter the Astral realm, they are “outside” existence, but in fact, they are within existence all the time. This is because the jews know, when the consciousness drops, one starts to see things as in “Oppositions” and they start to see things in a dipolar manner. For instance, the Sun and the Moon seem to be “different” and in “opposition”, night and day, etc, but the fact is, both these “Bodies” or “Gods” are subject to one higher and neutral law of movement and causality, and they are moving under the same “law”. These laws are “Gods”. Any force that somehow imposes us something in this manner, Nature being above all, is “God”, unless its understood, worked with, and surpassed. As one surpasses higher than this, they start developing themselves as “Gods”. Higher doesn’t mean in “opposition”. It means one has enough power and knowledge to not be subjected to what they should not, when they shouldn’t. Life = Movement. Death = Lack of movement.

Nobody is on the clouds making stuff, there is no Bordallah, or any other thoughtform for that liking. People need to get this across their heads. Only “Nature” presides above us, as some sort of “Highest God” and nature is totally “indifferent” to this or what we do. This force on its own doesn’t “favor” or “misalign” anyone. We are sentiment and we have this force inside us, in our own body, and all the forces that come with Nature. Therefore, we have control and choice over these. Nature “blesses” whomever goes HER way, and “curses” whomever goes against, but if one pays attention, it’s just the choices of more or less aware Human beings that are guiding this so called “nature”, except of the spheres we don’t have influence of. For instance if one is born tall or not, this has to do with their parents, not some other giant “force” that cursed them or didn’t curse them. Who defines this is not “nature”, but its something else that I cannot quite explain yet at this point, but the thing is, it’s a part of nature too. Nature/God energy is only one thing. It’s just a force of movement. From there on, GOD is a term for anyone who can muster this force and all the other forces and bend them to his will to create and Destroy, and give Meaning and Purpose to this reality, stemming from the Natural dictate. This is why Satan states, even in the enemy books, that we are to become as the Gods. And His statement was completely TRUE. We are Gods in the making.

Our body, is the home of all “Nature” and inside it, the “whole of reality/existence” takes place. In our first 7 chakras, there are “all in the world” that are housed, everything that is evident. This is why, to know “Thyself”, in the occult light, means to know all. This is why the Body is the Temple of “God”, or in other texts, the Temple of the Sun or the Rainbow body etc. When the body, in all its dimensions, is perfected according to the Etheric Element and cleansed from the Dross of the low dimensions, “imperfection” (energies and forces who are out of alignment and work against the body to degrade this, the esoteric degrading elements), this body becomes a Temple of the Serpent, or the “Holy Fire” which has NOTHING to do with xianity, but only with Satan, which given us this ability. Then one starts to become what the Ancients called as “Angels”. They are not “gods” yet, but they are “Angels” in that sense. Angel means messenger of the Gods. This is why the Rising of the Serpent is NOT immortality on its own. It’s the opening of the necessary force and the consciousness needed. Satan is the Serpent, remember? The enemy hates the Serpent and its followers, Remember? Serpent = Eternal Life, Remember?

The Swastika is an Aryan Symbol, combining the Sun, the Movement of Life and the 4 elements, plus the Aether in the Center. It’s a symbol for Creation. There is only existence [life] and no existence [death]. The Swastika, depending on the tilt, it shows something. IF its tilted, it is moving, its is life. If its stable, its stillness, the allegorical stage of the Nigredo, or the “personal death”, where one gets “Eaten” by the Ouroboros, Passivity, Silence. All this happens in the same, infinite universe, in all its infinite layers. Trying to observe the universe from a "starting" and "Ending point" is just a stupid fallacy, because the jewish Torah has turned this reality into a deathbed. Reality is meant to be understood from spheres that we are currently cut out from, due to the enemy. If people are not cut, because well, their hoaxes do not entirely work, Humanity is degenerating and this isn’t helping matters at all. The enemy attacks and subverts all languages and this is for the reason, language is the element of AIR. Air is where the things are intellectualized and are brought into written or spoken information, which transfers the other elements.

Another common mistake, people think that because their physical bodies die, they are "dead" and therefore, as they have a "beginning" and an "end", everything "must" have. This is not so. There is no "end", there is only change. There is also, no beginning. This was and has always been the hardest thing for anyone to understand. But there are two things really, consciousness and the "Eternal Now". This is why Eastern Yoga has corrupted this thing to no end, no different than how the Abrahamic religions have purposely fucked up the term "God" into some psycho kike. The downfall of consciousness and anything else, resulted in this.

For anyone Spiritually Advanced, there is NO Death. Satan takes care of our Souls. This is why Satan stated to HPS Maxine in 2005, that we will be here as long as HE is HERE and that is FOREVER. Others, they can possibly die or make up their own fate, because this is just again, Natural. The correct term for death is “unconsciousness” of the next world. When people die, because they weren’t spiritually conscious in this lifetime, they aren’t in the next one either. This is why in many cultures, death and “sleep” are interchangeable terms. Therefore without being aware (as they are astrally blind and deaf etc etc), they are taken and reincarnated, or the process happens naturally and automatically in some cases, by the “unconscious” mind, in which these laws work automatically. If one is aware, and Meditation builds awareness and bridges over the “unaware” part of ourselves, then there is no “death” in the Afterlife, unless one’s body is decayed away, which again happens after successive lifetimes of zero to no meditation. This is why so many hopeless people are hanging into the enemy religions, with such zeal, while they are Gentiles. These programs of the enemy are made to parallel ours, they are like 1% Truth with 100% lies, all the characters are stolen etc. The average weak minded people, due to the enemy magick, in an unconscious level, they think they are serving the real Pagan God and their Creator.

Now as far as anyone's personal "Life" goes and personal "Godhead" goes. Since beings tend to “Start” from the base chakra consciousness and if they win the fight of survival, “make it” to the higher points, Satan when creating us, he gave us additional parts and ways for our “individuality” to survive but also the knowledge to tap to these means. The masters of using these means and who have mastered themselves and others, naturally have become the “Leaders” of their Races, whose mission was to guide others to survive and advance, while maintaining living order against these “forces” who wanted anyone gone. This is why the Pharaohs, they were called Gods. They have literally went to the level of consciousness of a God, and therefore, their mission was akin to the one of the Gods, whose chosen mission is to help us get to “eternal life”. This also is Racial, as in making the Races Divine.

This can only happen through separation, as each Race is a different and unique blueprint in creation, that must be preserved. Satan created us that way, to preserve what they created in their OWN Race, but to create something entirely NEW as-well. The bright individuals of each Race have to ascend the ladder and then, get their people upwards to their ladder too. But with the jew around, these things are nonsense. These parts are the parts of the Soul that are reincarnated over and over. These reincarnate inside the selective Races, so as the advancement goes, the whole kind advances, and the Races are basically in a battle with the death brining forces of the environment, struggling to reach the point of “Freedom”, which is basically the transition to a deathless level. Gentiles were made to be reflections of Satan’s desire for them, which is freedom and elevation. The enemy always tries to destroy this concept of puporse.

Race is the home when one returns and one must advance. This is common knowledge to any being that knows the laws of Nature, including the jews. This is why the enemy pushes genocide. They have stolen the means to this, and because of their inferiority, they want to destroy and obliterate everyone else, to be their slaves, so that they will never advance. In that sense, the jew is the “unspiritual” element, or an element of opposition in Nature herself, which intends everyone to become better. Jew is really the source of all evil, and the source of all destruction when it comes to people.

To become one with Nature, is to defeat the jew and all their programs and bluffs. These would never work if people were only in more accordance to Nature and trusted their own eyes more. But the jews have made people idiots, so they expect the jew to do their thinking for them. The thinking of the jew is to kill all the thinking in others and enslave them. To defeat the jews, is to defeat the major element which keeps Humanity back, spiritually, physically and mentally- the element of decay which shackles and bondages people in all levels. They must be dealt with and removed from the minds and realities of people. Then, Humanity elevates.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Wow epic sermon , thanks to the power N times :D


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True the word God is the name of the bull the Go. And the bull is the symbol of the letter A which is the Ather which all the elements are and of. The Ather element is the element that rules sound. The logos all the universe is sound, light, number and form. The full letter A is AUM which means ONE. And is what the Vedic's use to state Logos, AUM. This AUM is in the West all over Europe as well. Stonehenge was called the AUM phallos by the Druids. Which is what the pillar of Dionysus was called to the Greeks.

NASA has found the sun literally emits the sound AAAUUUMMMM. The bull is a symbol of the sun.

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HP Mageson666 wrote:
True the word God is the name of the bull the Go. And the bull is the symbol of the letter A which is the Ather which all the elements are and of. The Ather element is the element that rules sound. The logos all the universe is sound, light, number and form. The full letter A is AUM which means ONE. And is what the Vedic's use to state Logos, AUM. This AUM is in the West all over Europe as well. Stonehenge was called the AUM phallos by the Druids. Which is what the pillar of Dionysus was called to the Greeks.

NASA has found the sun literally emits the sound AAAUUUMMMM. The bull is a symbol of the sun.

NASA has found that the sun literally emits the sound AUM? Very interesting.

I would love to read more on that finding.
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I meant this when I wrote some hps sermons touch me inside
I'm grateful for this sermon thanks you hp hodedcobra666
it open as usual my eyes
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What a coincidence
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HP Mageson666 wrote:
True the word God is the name of the bull the Go. And the bull is the symbol of the letter A which is the Ather which all the elements are and of. The Ather element is the element that rules sound. The logos all the universe is sound, light, number and form. The full letter A is AUM which means ONE. And is what the Vedic's use to state Logos, AUM. This AUM is in the West all over Europe as well. Stonehenge was called the AUM phallos by the Druids. Which is what the pillar of Dionysus was called to the Greeks.

NASA has found the sun literally emits the sound AAAUUUMMMM. The bull is a symbol of the sun.

Masochist =masochrist
What a coincidence
Both lovers of jewsus and masochists love
The pain and being submitted

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This sermon is simply magnificent...
After I found myself everything became so clear. It is so clear...

May the Truth
always bring you

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So for dedicated Satanists with their astral senses, does this mean that we:

#1. Never reincarnate, have a permanent stay in Hell.
#2. A long time in Hell, but not totally forever, 100-1000 or so years. Possibly reincarnate for a good reason or two.
#3. We do reincarnate and Satan guides our soul to a nice body to incarnate in.

I hope it is either #1. or #2. Is there anything good to eat in Hell? (Maxine said spirits don't eat, but I'm not sure) I'm sure they would have jobs for us to do. Maybe some dates. What is Hell like (I have already read everything regarding Hell on the JoS, I was just wondering if anybody had more info)? Kind of silly questions, but I was just wondering. :)

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Very nice post, thank you.
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WaterRooster wrote:
So for dedicated Satanists with their astral senses, does this mean that we:

#1. Never reincarnate, have a permanent stay in Hell.
#2. A long time in Hell, but not totally forever, 100-1000 or so years. Possibly reincarnate for a good reason or two.
#3. We do reincarnate and Satan guides our soul to a nice body to incarnate in.

I hope it is either #1. or #2. Is there anything good to eat in Hell? (Maxine said spirits don't eat, but I'm not sure) I'm sure they would have jobs for us to do. Maybe some dates. What is Hell like (I have already read everything regarding Hell on the JoS, I was just wondering if anybody had more info)? Kind of silly questions, but I was just wondering. :)

Godhead makes the physical body immortal and transmutes its essence, within and without. Reincarnation is not nessescary, neither death. You can be here or in Hell with your astral body, anytime or anyplace. When one reaches far but doesn't accomplish this, they are reincarnated so they can go on with their spiritual advancement, until they make it.

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