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Post Sat Oct 24, 2015 2:43 pm
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My Satanic Warriors, Satanic Family,

I salute all of you!

First of all, I wanted to congratulate our Gentile People and Family that is keeping the War Raging against the enemy. Our WORK, PAYS OFF. We have asked for your Faith and your Loyalty, we are giving you back OURS. We are in the frontlines FOR HUMANITY. We are fighting on the frontlines, for Humanity and all people on Earth. Our Work produces fruits. We have been waging serious spiritual warfare. If we stop, this world STOPS BREATHING at the same time. And everything will be lost. We must NEVER, EVER stop. This would be equal to stating that the jews must annihilate this world.

Unlike the hoards of the stupid idiots who are supposedly “fighting” against this assimilation, we KNOW some fundamental fact. We know the JEWISH PROBLEM. We know of the “White” jews, the “Yellow” Jews and the “Black Jews” equally. We know of their plan, because we have ALL Studied their works. We know them by their work. Let others sleep and blow dick to “Yashua”, “Jewsus”, “Rabbi Emmanuel Krayst”, “Prophet Bordallah” and any other jewish hoax. We know who is doing what and is responsible. Finally, we know about the Torah and how the enemy, with their occult forces has been trying to shape history to mass murder and communize all Gentiles into extinction. We all here are Gentiles, we have the Ancient Knowledge and we awaken the Ancient Blood of our Races. We can’t be LIED to, as these fools. These lies cannot withstand us. We have to take the lead, as we have been.

Our Races need REDEMPTION for the jewish destruction they have underwent. Mentally, spiritually, but first and foremost, PHYSICALLY.

If these Mudslim and Pisslamic Hordes and jewish pawns think they will find the love and the shekels, the jew promises and their golden Lamborghini where they are coming, they are severely mistaken. They will be treated as they deserve, for listening and doing the work of the jew. As infiltrators and soldiers of the jews, who have backstabbed their Pagan Gods and their own people. These are not only murderers of OUR people, our PAGAN TRADITIONS and OUR RACE, but they are the MURDERERS, the BACKSTABBERS and the TRAITORS OF ALL THEIR ANCESTORS, GODS AND GENTILE RACES. What would Astarte, What would Bael and what would all the Ancient Kings and Gentile Heroes, who died, adhered and protected Pagan hood, think of these Islamic Hordes? What would their Elders state if they saw them serving those whom THEY DIED TO KEEP AWAY? HOW ARE THESE BEINGS FEELING WHEN THEY ARE SEEING THEM AS SLAVES TO THE JEWS, WORKING THE JEWISH BIDDING?

They are literally genocides and criminals, not citizens, neither they will ever be. Upwards to 90% of these "people" are NOT refugees or whatever other shitclaims of the jewish media. You have seen their nasty tricks. Yes, they WILL NOT HELP AFRICA, but the jew wants to make the people ‘Migrate’ and “find their own help”. NEVER HELP AT HOME, HELP “ABROAD”, SO THE JEW CAN PUSH IT UP WITH THEIR EXTINCITON. YOU ALL HAD ENOUGH JEWISH HELP THESE 2000 YEARS! THE HELP WHICH HAS BROUGHT EVEN THE EARTH HERSELF TO A DEATHBED. We know the jews, and we know their Works of operations. This is why here, we have the commendable people, the Pagan Warriors of ALL Races. Those who DO NOT listen the jew, above or below. Those who will raise their head against the jew, wherever they see him, in WHATEVER THEY SEE HIM. We have had enough jewish “help”, “guidance” and “assistance”, let alone their accursed supremacy and reptilian choosiness.

This is why all people of the world are on their knees now, others having fallen entirely to the jews. The “organizations” that were to help these people were jewish ran and jewish in their root and actions, therefore, these people weren’t helped. Just another jewish scheme to fool you all. Pay for Unicef and see the Unicef CEO with her Rolls Royce, stupid Goyim.


You wonder if they are refugees at all in the end? Oh, a little picture of a little doll in the mud. Oh, a crying kid (in the midst of 1000’s of murderous Pisslamic immigrants nonetheless, who is being schooled to Islam and to kill White People). Whomever is so stupid, then I pity these fools with single digit IQ. People must wake up. Don't buy into it, as this is all again 'emotional' jewism. When it comes to facts, who cares about facts, Goyim. Just "feel" what we want you to feel. Just feel repulsive, weak, sinful, afraid, stupid, docile. Because when the facts come in, this is when you will see a Truth that will, if you are still a living person and not a jewish Zombie, push you to a reaction. But the jews still play their old record. Lies, Lies, LIES. The jews are pushing Europe into impoverishment, collapse and Racial destruction. This is to ensure that they will have it easy with enslaving everyone else. Nobody else is going to protect any "rights" or any "Races" or help in anything else, let alone fight the enemy at the core about this. The enemy knows this, because they know well who they have under their thumb, where their work is ended and when it must come in an end.

Naturally, Whites have reacted on their insanity and their attempts to bring down the whole world into Bolshevism/Communism, same as many other Gentile Cultures that weren’t struck beyond repair did the same. This time, it will be no different. We will AGAIN fight them. Not only in the basis of Europeans, Whites or Westerners, but ALL GENTILES WILL ATTACK THEM THIS TIME. EVERYONE IS BECOMING AWARE. THE RACES THEY SEEKED TO OBLITERATE, THE GODS THEY TRIED TO KILL AND THE FALLEN COMRADES FROM THE *WHOLE* WORLD, THEY ARE HERE AND THEY WILL FIGHT SPIRITUALLY TO THE DEATH!!!

We will not tolerate this.

These people are just infiltrators and a living bomb. The jews fill their pockets with as much as 2000-3000$ a PERSON for these people to get there. These people are given papers on what to state, what to ask, what to claim and the list goes and goes. This is obvious that the jews do this also, to destroy the economy, the ethics, the constructions of the host states they are pushing this towards etc. The jews were really pissed on the West attempting to help the Middle East, making ties etc. They used their puppet politicians and anything they could, to halt this, and start the Middle Eastern genocide and Pisslamic flourishing. Well, it got out of hand, but this is another story. What remains is the jew. A strong Middle East would mean no Pissrael, and in the long term, no Pisslam either. So what the jews did, is they started a War, to play the victim again. But they will perish in it. Also, this is the same thing they did in 9/11. The professional victim. 9/11 is what enslaved America to the jewish punks. Now, they are using people as living bombs, again they are trafficking these people like cheap bitches. The jew has been a pimpster and slave owner for centuries. They know the deal.

They want to destroy everyone, and they wouldn’t give a damn about who they kill either. They want to kill Whites first, because they know we will react to this and they know we will defend ourselves. Not like they once did with the fake holocau$t, which never happened, way worse. Now, the whole world is against them. ALL RACES, THEY DO KNOW WHO IS THIS BAD ELEMENT THAT RUINS THE PEOPLES AND THE NATIONS. Just raise ANY rock you want, and find the jewish criminal element. Its that simple. They are using these people like animals, again, to do their work of Racial Destruction. Do you know anyone flat broke having to spare that much, for an uncertain trip to “Europe”? Supposedly when the “daily pay” in these places is like 2$, how can they make 3000$ for all their family members and anyone to “come abroad” into happy town, as the jew promised them. Obviously, we are dealing with Jewish Funding and also, criminals. And a 5% of lifelong savings, but who cares. Instead of investing any money and labor into their OWN country, they are just jumping over and doing what the jews state, while PAYING THEM, to come and destroy us. This is NOT in anyway, “IMMIGRATION”. This is staged invasion, orchestrated by the ancient talmudic jew.

Also, these people are carefully selected so they are extremists, murderers, 9/10 male to female ratio and that they carry all sorts of diseases as Malaria, Aids, Tuberculosis and anything else that ensures that they will *KILL* us. Things are very obvious. The jew is at it again, staging an Invasion of Europe, to cause Ethnic Cleansing of Whites. They sense they are on the brink of destruction, so they are pulling their cards as fast as they can. The jews asked their fellow jews to have LEFT EUROPE by 2016. You *KNOW* what is going to happen over here. These "return home" statements were NOT a coincidence. These hoards keep coming and coming. The jews MUST keep "leaving and leaving". There will be no emotions of weakness, no more fake tears and no more xianity. People will raise their fist against the Jews. This includes EVERYONE. The jews must be spiritually destroyed. People must open their eyes at ONCE to the jewish programs of death, extinction and genocide. They have destroyed WHOLE CONTINENTS BY THEIR TALMUDIC HATRED. You see, this is a sum. The jew fills their pockets, genocides Whites, promotes their pisslam program (which is pretty much murder ideology) and destroys the last beacon of resistance in the jewish supremacy goals. Then, they know, with Whites out, they will destroy everyone else easily. What they have now highly uncomplished will become complete.


The information is all around about how 3 in 50 of these people are actually from the jewish owned ISIS. They are also "Racists" against Whites to an un-paralleled level. We are under invasion and attack, but this shouldn't be explained in such terms. WE ARE UNDER TALMUDIC CURSES BEING BROUGHT TO LITERAL, CONCRETE REALITY. The jew is responsible and GUILTY. They KNOW what is going on. We need to spiritually destroy the jews and all things will fall in place, for everyone around the World. This exploitation and jewish murder of everyone involved must end.

Then, those of you who are of the people of these Gentile Races who are being used and tortured, same as us who are again the attacke, without the jews in your midst, you will have an open way to rule these people again. Same as us. The Truth will shine again upon our Races and then, we will follow the Order once existed. Of Light and of Truth. Then, they may be turned to Greatness. Until then, we must fight. Fight tirelessly, fight without stopping. Keeping in mind everyone that has perished and died under the jewish expedition, under their insatiable and monstrous hunger for Gentile Blood.

If you have a springle, just a springle of faith and respect for all these Gentiles that were killed, lived horribly bad lives, the countries that destroyed, the genocided peoples, those who fought against the enemy and whose souls cannot rest, you have to spiritually FIGHT. If not, then you can join the legions of decay and get defeated alongside with them.

The enemy *WILL* get destroyed.

As Adolf Hitler stated, when the jew is removed from a Volk, the Volk returns to a Natural Order. If you care about this World, Advancement, all peoples and all Races, above and mostly including yours, you must side now, like your Ancestors did, and fight the new Red beast of Judea, in all its shapes, forms and forces. We are all as Gentiles under the Satanic Banner. It was the USSR once, it was "The Tribe of Israel" at some other time, It was the "New dogma which killed the Pagan Arabs", it was "The Inquisition" once, yet now things are different. Different forms, different times, different Warfare. SAME ENEMY. We have to keep this fight until the end, until the jewish supremacist murderers are brought down and convict for their crimes against Humanity. All Races have been brought and are being brought, to the brink of death and collapse. We must all pull this fight, as Satanic Gentiles and spiritually obliterate the enemy, while bringing Humanity back to health. When the enemy is gone, we will correct everything with tireless work.

Education and Spiritual Warfare are our weapons. These are the weapons that hit at the core. The only really and deeply effective, but above all, legal weapons. Use them wisely.



Have Faith in our Gods. Not only Faith, but action. And not only Action, but Outcomes. Not only fights, but Victory.



Post Sat Oct 24, 2015 3:53 pm

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Another inspiring sermon :)

Hail Satan!
Hail to Hell's Army!
The better and stronger my brethren are, the better and stronger our future:

I'm tired of the jew corruption and torah curses ruining our civilization. I want to live in Paradise already... don't you? ... glish.html

Post Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:34 pm

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Men have forgotten that which makes them unique as men. Is not in women or money but within themselves and their associations within powerful spiritual brotherhoods of their own fellow men of their race and creed. This is the core of civilization. -HP Mageson666-

Post Sat Oct 24, 2015 6:51 pm

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yeah dont forget we have to go through literal hell on earth in the coming years and we have to work our asses off to win :p
Thoughts become things.

Post Sat Oct 24, 2015 9:27 pm

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Heart felt post bro. . Thank you
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

Post Sat Oct 24, 2015 11:41 pm

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AmonRa666 wrote:
yeah dont forget we have to go through literal hell on earth in the coming years and we have to work our asses off to win :p

Sounds about right. With all these diseases they're bringing to all these places, well let's just say I've played enough of 'Plague Inc: Evolved' to know how this is gonna go down. Looks like I'll be spending hours doing the reverse torah for October.

It all feels so exhausting, but we must remain steady and strong, no matter the situation. We are Satan's warriors. All of us. I may not be experiencing the worst of this global attack YET, but I wish and give luck to those of you who are currently facing the enemy's attacks.
The elementals that be span across this vast sea
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Best you don't forget, there's fire in this fight


Post Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:48 am

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Well Spoken Comrade!

Post Sun Oct 25, 2015 12:48 pm

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I will do the best I can to support powers of Hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hail Satan Hail Peacock Lord Hail Shiva Hail Kartikey HAIL all demon friends

“It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit shall rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right.” -Adolf Hitler.
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Post Thu Oct 29, 2015 6:59 am

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A great post!


Post Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:41 am

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very good I am with you, the end is near, it will be our victory.


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