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How Communism Really Feels About the Third Sex

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How Communism Really Feels About the Third Sex

Communism is a Jewish left-winged conspiracy to destroy organic Right-winged Paganism/National Socialism [Satanism]. Communism is Christianity. Sometimes Communism is atheistic, while other times, it is theistic. When things like in the article below happen, it becomes very clear as to how close traditional Christianity and Communism really are.

Communism has won many Third Sex people [homosexuals] over by its hook, line, and sinker methods, with Jewish brainwashing to follow. Then, after the Communized Third Sex individuals have outlived their use, the Marxist Jews kill them.

The claim that Nazi Germany was anti-Third Sex is as big of a Jewish lie as Christianity and Holocaustianity. It was the Marxists who wore the pink triangle, not homosexuals who were loyal to the Third Reich.

In true Satanic Pagan National Socialism, the Third Sex is allowed to live their nature out without having to worry about "closets," Jewish brainwashing followed by disposal, or blackmail. True National Socialism is inclusive of homosexuals who reject Jewish brainwashing, and if they are already brainwashed, they wake up and re-educate themselves.

The same re-education takes place to the current National Socialists who live by Christian HERD values, such as being against the Third Sex. Never forget that National Socialism is SATANISM! Marxism, and all other forms of Communism are CHRISTIANITY! Christianity is JUDAISM!

The article below shows the true anti-homosexual face of Marxism.


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Spiritual Satanism is psychological emotional and spiritual relief and comfort
christianity and related programs ,, unspeakable horror to humanity on the physical and astral planes

the moment christianity permanently falls in the coming years that will be one of the happiest moments for all of us!

man i dont know what humanity is waiting for, i really think the coming chaos will bring people back to their senses and point them to the real problem in this world.
Thoughts become things.

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