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The Destruction of the Planet & LIFE by the Jewish Virus

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Greetings to all our Family and Comrades.

From studying a bit around, the Climate and Nature are not going in their good way, down to this planet. The jews are always are trying to pull a fast one, that this is some sort of natural "happening". It is not. Fools always like to state they know "Why" this happens, but the Why behind this they don't know.

I recently watched the hypocrisy of Jewbama, the Kike Poope Francis and all these other filths and excrements, who are somehow "concerned" about the Climatic change and all that comes about it. Jew does, Jew whines, Jew Saves. Go check who has the big corporations, the Political sturture who does all this, and then come tell us the "Bad" news, Oy Vey. The jew does all the damage they can do. The jew can only profit with damage. No different than a tick can only profit by draining blood, the jew is the EXACT SAME thing. They drain the Earth and all life, of their life. Then Jew comes in to play the Savior. No less than a theatrical play of the lowest kind. What was once made for entertaiment, the jew made a way of life. The theatrical life is what is life now. Always seem, never be.

And the stupid Goyim cannot see past this, because they are degraded to the level of a living filth and they can't see what is a theatric play and what is reality. But the Bad Goyim, they can see past this.

Long story short, Satan and the Gods are quite displeased and ANGRY. Those who are assisting the jews and helping them, they are going to get what they Naturally deserve for preserving, cultivating and assisting a Virus eat the whole of Humankind.

As all of you are aware, those who study the jewish cancer at least, you can see in their filthy magickal texts that they state, in the "Last days" the World will undergo a lot of disasters, famines, deprivations etc, so that people will "succumb" and "accept" the jewish supremacist namely, "Yeshua", the "Christ", after they have crushed down all opposition to them. This is a strong subliminal to the minds of the masses. If you open the Old Testament (Torah) you will see many subconscious programing tales for the Goyim/Xian slaves, that when the Master Jews get attacked, "God" becomes angry and "God" smites down the people with famine, destruction, plagues and diseases.

If you go to Deuteronomy 28 and 29, you will see the blue print for the curses for anyone going against the jewish master or disobeying the kikes, both in a personal state and in their countries and states. These include famines, "getting ruled by people whom not their languages or the statuses know" and the list goes and goes- IMMIGRATION OF DESTRUCTION. Now, the jews are "god" (he who makes shit happen and the Goyim think its "Higher Will") in this filthy booklet of subliminals and they are doing all they are doing, by enforcing matters.

The jews created Capitalism at first, so they could usher by their magick all the worlds wealth, put the world in endless "production". Good things came out of this, because of intervention by the Gods and because Gentiles were still around and wanted us to be free or had good visions, but behold, the enemy twisted these again. Goods became the obnoxious purpose of life, money became "god" and whomever had this money, became as such "god". This enforced the liberal materialism and all other nonsense we have today. Now from this, the world's population gets multiplied everyday, to the point this is out of control.

On a side note, these xian and muslim hordes are taught that this Earth is not to be taken care of (It belongs to Satan/Enki, after all, who is their ADVERSARY) and that whatever you do against this, its not a "sin" in the eyes of "god" (which is the jew). This "god" is only concerned about how its egopathy will be filled with endless blood and hallelujahs. Its a jewish thoughfrom after all. This mass production produces two things mainly. Jewish power in the form of wealth, as well as domination in the realm of politics. Politics are now money and jewish puppetry, that's all. Then, the second thing is it does something else. It kills the planet of Satan. The enemy wants both the life on the planet GONE, aside from the needed slaves they need.

The enemy started all this nonsense of "mass production" which was NOTHING related to its starting purpose, or may have only BEGAN to be this by good intetion of historical circumstance, but the insecure alien reptilian jews turned this into a game of creating insane "profit", filth, gaining advantage over others (they are a virus after all, they have to arm up), getting more and more "money" and "wealth", destroying nature, disrespecting and making the planet sick and destroying all natural resources. This is because as I stated many times, they are a VIRUS. They do NOT care about any other lifeform other than THEMSELVES. ALL OF YOU ARE DESTINED TO DIE IN THEIR EYES, OR PLOW THEIR MEADOWS LIKE ENSLAVED ANIMALS - THIS IS THE JEWISH MINDSET. It lurks unconsciously in every jew and guides the actions of thoughts of every jew, like the heartbeat defines if you will live or not another day.

For the "Aftermath" of all this, the jews have prepared another final program, namely Communism. In the above context, they are doing Race mixing. Race mixing weakens and wears down the already strong Races. Then people are weakened down in any other way possible. Capitalism is the needed stage before Communism, where the jews are getting all the needed land, resources, political, material and wealth power, so they can rule over the Goyim. If it was intentional or not on the part of capitalism, this is not our case. The jews turned it into this anyway. Capitalism is totally unnatural and doesn't give a damn about the Spiritual Dimension of life, or anything, but solely "expansion". Its what's needed to make all the Goyim fall fast asleep, while the jews are on the back getting what is needed and ascending from the bottom of the ladder in nature, to the top, so they can make the transition to Communism. This implies they will destroy Nature and the planet. The more distractions in this level, the better. This is when your life's purpose is SOLELY materially oriented.

Then this paves the way for race mixing, nothing is no longer "Divine", Man becomes a purposeless consumption machine enslaved by the corporations and the physical "masters", stupid solely materialist and spiritually scorning 'science', the basis of life becomes the "Ego" and not the Race, you live to fullfill only now and not with Eternity in mind, Humanity becomes atheistic because it go duped by the jews that somehow the kike on the sky is "God" and that this is spirituality and the list goes and goes...The recipe of literal disaster, failure of ALL LIFE. This is the recipe of Communism. Which is the rulership of the lowest and most dangerous virus on top of all creation.

Jews like Rothshild and others, malformed Capitalism to serve Judaism, which is as thus a future to-be Communism, then the jew Karl Marx came in to whine about it and inject the Rabbinical Knowledge of where the kikes will be heading "next". Communism. Low pay for tens upon tens hours of working, working conditions of slaves and the list goes on and on. What is there to seek further. Wait, lets ask the jew again, because after all he will tell us. Well, the jews reply, COMMUNISM.

Jew does, Jew whines, Jew destroys and then Jew comes in to save the day. Stupid Goyim sees, shits its pants like it always does, appaulds and screams loudly "Oy Vey the kikes and Jewsus/Bordallah will save us!". Then "Yeshua/Rabbi Emanuel/Jewsus/Prophet Jew" 'comes' and he finds himself in the work camp, enslaved and soon to die. And he wonders why. Because you are stupid Goyim slave, that's why and nature doesn't forgive stupidity. That's why. There is no why.

Now if this is seems like a science fiction bad story, read some history. Some Geore Orwell, maybe too. And of course, your shitty bible. Then, the webpage of Joy of Satan. Then be aware of what a Great Man, whose Name is Adolf Hitler said once about these jews. And not before long, the reality will unveil in front of your eyes. Something has been happening all along. And make your decision now, before its too late.

So the "Bad" Goyim have yet again to save the day. You can join us before its too late and roll with us, for this is your only chance...Dejewdify yourself TODAY. Not tommorow. Tommorow it may be too late.

In doubt of any of the statements, go and open the accursed "Bible", or the cursed "Quaran", then if in the possession of a brain, analyze a bit what you read, with occult knowledge and pure logic. Or do the same elsewhere. Or your jewish owned Hollywood Movies. Or run into your school material. Or the jewish owned newspapers. Or whatever else for that liking. Or a historical book about the accursed COMMUNISM program, or the Middle Ages history, or the history of Capitalism and how it began. You have endless choices to make, thankfully. You wouldn't if you lived in the past century, though. Or in any other century for that liking.

The JEW is the KILLER of ALL life on EARTH. Period.

Then this, aside with "Christianity" which is false spirituality, paves the way for the materialistic virus named jew to take over, and ruin what has remained, leader of a collapsed NOTHING, leading dead slaves on a destroyed world. But it doesn't matter to them at all. All it matters is fullfilling what the Reptilians have coded inside their Soul, Mind, Consciousness and DNA. Which is destruction of all Gentiles, then enslavement of the rest of the racially mixed clump that remains.

The JEWS CREATED ALL THE UNNATURAL, LIFE HATING AND LIFE ATTACKING PROGRAMS. THEY ALSO ENSURED THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY WOULDN'T BE MUCH MORE THAN THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF A STONE, UNPARALLELED STUPIDITY! AS THUS IF YOU DON'T LOVE THE LIFE WITHIN YOU, HOW CAN YOU BE AWARE OF THE LIFE WITHOUT YOU. If a cat or a dog, or a monkey, is more aware of the enviroment than our present day "well versed" and "studied" human creatures, some of which also happen to be "liberal" and "marxist", then you are in dep existential grave danger to say the least. And this manifests on the enviroment too.

The jew invented life hating and all that is against life. It all came from these viruses, who happen to have the form of Humanoids.


Now if you note the Ancients, they were respectful of Nature and the Planet. Everything was done in accordance to the Planet so the planet would remain healthy and not a clump of destroyed nothing. The buildings, the settlements, EVERYTHING, was in accordance to Nature. Nowadays, with the Torah and the energies of xianity, aswell as the Abrahamic programings that emphasize on Human mortality, nor minding anything at ALL, destorying the Earth and anything because you are to live in the "Afterlife", after all, to sing "hallelujah's" on the kike master "thoughtform", NOBODY CARES. The Ancients did EVERYTHING in accordance to the needs and abilities of the Planet, learning from Nature and respecting Nature, same as respecting other lifeforms. The spiritual means and the ways to govern were to ensure the survival of Gentiles. Now are living the Epoch of the Jewish Virus.


This is *WHY* all of our history we took extra care of the planet and the Natural enviroment, while now things are as they are. In your towns and cities, all that will collapse after 100 or 150 years, will be toxic dump that is totally purposeless and these lands will become wastes.

Satan unmasked and revealed the Jews. The Gods want to help us. Now, we are going to destroy them with Spiritual means. You see our curses, they have been badly affecting them, they are putting them in decimation. Their problems have to be removed and the rulership of this world has to fall into the hands of its rightful owner, Satan, once again and for ALL times. This 1200-2000 years old jewish accident is by now costing everything Nature created for us, and it will cost humanity too in the end. The jews want us all to pay their own bill, as always. People either take up a fight, or they are going to die and be enslaved under jewish exrement. Whomever cannot get this past their liberal, marxist jewish skull, I suggest suicide, because this will really help the world recover from the outcomes of your stupidity. Stupid Goyim are naturally a disaster.

The "Bad" ones will be the one's pulling up again a fight against the enemy.

Be vigilant and wait for the next Reversal Torah Rituals. We will also continue with the last one, for whomever wants to do this. Cursing with Hagalaz and Thurisaz is also needed.

When we are saying the world depends on us...We really mean it. With so much slavery, cuckoldry, low intelligence and "leave and let be it brother", this world is going to face the dire circumstances.

Those responsible, they need to be held accountable. Its up to us to do something. Let others whine, be the stupified so mortal "know it all's", cry, and let us bring the Justice and the creative labor of a New World. We have no other choice. Its either- or. All other choices are illusionary and they are nothing but the willful enslavement of humanity, in the worst sense of the worst movie or imagination you could ever have.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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"Leave and let it be" or this bullshit:
This is the mantra that unfortunately, those around my everyday life has been telling me all these years. Also something like "You are too young to be so bitter. You are wasting your youthful years." When i am just telling how fucked this world is. How public schools of today are the destruction of creativity and real knowledge. How Communism is what thrives it. How much time i have wasted in there.

No, i am not letting things be. I am not turning the other cheek. Thanks to Spiritual Satanism i have found a way to have my vengeance upon what is rotten in society.

The truth hits like a lightning bolt; a Satanic light in the dark grey clouds.


Hail Father Satan, forever!
Sourd an chiehl
Verily blessed are those that are enwrapped in the realization of leaving the path of total destruction; taking the path of creation... The Satanic warrior despises comfort in the limited, yearns for the infinite, beyond all that is limited and becomes the truly defined limitless.

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LightAlgur wrote:
"You are too young to be so bitter. You are wasting your youthful years."

This reminds me of Another Day, Another Vendetta by Hatebreed. Don't if you know them or will like the music at all, it can get annoying/monotonous. But when I'm in the mood it gets me pumped up, some hard music with really positive and/or real lyrics.

The question they keep asking me
How can one so young be so bitter and angry
Well the answer is plain to see
Just look around at this world that we're living in
It's die or let die
Take or be taken from
And there's nowhere to run
Who do we look to
What have we done
These times have taken the best from us
All I see is killing
Another day, another vendetta
There is so much suffering
Another day, another vendetta

and later in the song;

All you can do is stay close to what is true to you
Stay close to what is true to you.
Never let go of what you strive for.
Hold tight, never let go
Never let go of what you strive for.
Never think you can't make a change.

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hoodedcobra666 wrote:
Be vigilant and wait for the next Reversal Torah Rituals. We will also continue with the last one, for whomever wants to do this. Cursing with Hagalaz and Thurisaz is also needed.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

If it is needed, then it is done. So, perform the reverse torah ritual first, then proceed with the destruction ritual with the Affirmation: "Israel and all the Jewish race of peoples are permanently and completely destroyed on every and all levels of existence!" correct?

Also, did you mean when the new reverse torah ritual is posted, you would want us to do the New Reverse ritual, then the first October ritual, followed by the destruction ritual with Hagalaz and Thurisaz?

The path we walk is full of danger, and with that danger it gives us pride, courage, and power. Forever with Satan, forever in his name.


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