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This is dedicated to Almighty Father Satan and Lady Agares.

Hp Don, pls I appeal to you to pin this thread so SS interested in working from home or earning extra cash can find it easily. What I’m posting here is legit.

Please if anyone have any questions, do not comment on this thread instead ask on another thread (I will create a thread for any query or inquiry). I will be “commenting” with hundreds of websites on this thread which will make the thread extremely long so I want a free flow. For those who can’t write a good resume, I will also create a post for this.

Note that I’m not claiming to know all about online privacy but I DON’T WANT ANY SS GETTING TRACKED DOWN!! DON’T FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR IP EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR VPN!!! Opt for Vpn services that provide dedicated IPs, you need a static IP when working online. Moreso, avoid using this same dedicated IP when you are involved in online warfare, I would advise to even use different browsers. You are even better off not using the VPN during online warfare. You should never put up your real info online if you’re a SS with an IP and use the same IP for something else, like the info I’m putting up here and again use the same IP for online warfare whether your using a VPN or not especially with google chrome. IT CAN BE TRACED. Some VPN services will store your online activities for up to a decade and also comply with ‘security’ agencies.
DON’T THINK YOU WILL BE SAFE WITH VPN SERVICES ON GOOGLE CHROME, type “block WebRTC” into a search engine to understand what I’m talking about here. Never use a VPN service on GOOGLE CHROME as your IP will still get leaked, your best bet is to uninstall it from your system/device. Now, this issue with jewgle chrome is another evidence to add to the list that jews are the world’s problem. We all know jewgle is owned by the jew-sus.


Below is my compiled list of "Work At Home Jobs Opportunities" ..
For those looking for real time jobs, some of the companies also have ‘real time’ jobs. i.e on site jobs, but U.S residents will benefit more from this. Though some of the companies are also based in other countries.
This thread is for Data Entry/Coders/Transcriptionists and also for those interested in picking up skills to work in this category. More other jobs categories will be forthcoming.
Some companies providing online jobs require you reside in the U.S but for those not residing in the U.S, there are online services that provide virtual U.S addresses from where you can receive your checks. The company I registered with, that provides my virtual U.S address is GraphCard. This company is quite popular among those working online but outside the U.S. You can also search for other companies; I will put up other companies later on. If you are a non U.S citizen and are applying online for a job where you must prove your U.S citizenship by I.D, there is nothing you can do about this, just ignore and search other companies.

There are lots of online jobs available but what I’m posting here require lesser years of experience and low skill so it is easy for anyone interested. employment is currently available in all.

You can sign up to receive data entry projects as needed. Note: It may take a little time to be notified, so be patient.

Post data to web site and internal database. Proofread input. Telecommuting possible. Flexible schedule.
Requirements: Able to type 30 words per minute. Experience with Front Page, Excel, Word, Access and Outlook preferred. $8.50/hr. To be considered for this telecommuting position, you must have your own computer with Internet access and printer, and be willing to pay for long-distance calls, minimal postage and ink as needed. An allowance for necessary supplies is available. To be formally considered for employment, you must complete an application: Resumes submitted by themselves will not be formally considered. If you wish to email a resume, you may do so. Please send it in either ASCII text format or Rich Text Format

Double-Click, Inc. provides professional virtual office assistants and professional real estate virtual assistants for small and home-based businesses. They are a virtual staffing agency, working with hundreds of the best professional virtual office assistants the world has to offer. Double-Click offers its clients cost-effective solutions to inflexible bricks-and-mortar staffing by staffing virtually. They are a unique service in that we do not charge their Team Contractors a fee to work with them. So how do they get paid? Well, they receive a percentage from their clients. In other words, clients pay them in order to connect with you.
All work that you would perform for Team Double-Click, Inc. is on a contract basis. They offer no minimum amount of work to any team contractors.

Data Entry – Administration
This is an assistant position in which you will screen and sort incoming email, enter resumes into our database, and post job openings. May be involved other tasks/projects. This is a part-time position that will start out at around 10-15 hours/week, but may grow to 20 and up to 40 hours per week.

IR Transcripts Editor - Data Entry
Expedict is specialised in producing transcripts from digital audio recordings.

6. ... riptionist
Data Entry Transcriptionists
Interviews, dictation, business meetings, conference calls, focus groups, press briefings, lectures, radio shows, panel discussions, and seminars.

To give a head up:
You can earn up to $280 per week sitting home right at your computer with this company; If you have a cable modem, DSL or high speed Internet connection. Or if you have a home telephone line. Or if you can you type at least 30 words per minute.
Moresso to work with this company;
i. Your Operating System needs to be in at least windows XP (im sure nobody is still using XP, lol) with service Pack 2 and all current updates must be installed and continually upgraded. If you’re still on XP, you better upgrade now because there is no security support anymore.
ii. You must have a 17" screen or lager and min. Display setting set to 1024/768
iii. You must have a current antivirus program with all updates being
done regularly
iv. You need High speed Broadband connection.
v. At least one gig hard drive space free at all times.
vi. Unlimited home telephone service.
If you meet or beat “my requirements” you are good to go. But first of all Email them at, to inquire about available job opportunities. This email address is on their website under ‘Contact Us’.
8. ... nings.aspx
Some easy Onsite jobs here.

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9. Tigerfish
Transcribers and Data Entry Typists Work From Home

If you are a quick typist with a good ear for language and a strong sense of written English, transcribing for Tigerfish can be a way to earn money while working at home (or on the road) with a flexible schedule. Tigerfish has been in business since 1989. While we demand the highest quality of work from our transcribers, we are known for friendliness and flexibility concerning their needs. Many transcribers have been with us for more than a decade. These include stay-at-home parents, artists and writers pursuing creative projects, and people working from abroad as they travel.

Only transcribers with experience transcribing from digital files will be hired.
Prior to employment there will be a test.

11. ... bstractors
Data Entry Abstractors Nationwide in the U.S

Remote Captioner Data Entry Positions
We are currently accepting resumes and cover letters for the positions of Realtime Captioners, Production Coordinators, and Offline Captioners in our captioning division.

13. click on ‘careers’
Jobs can be found here

What we offer you
Real assignments in various areas such as administration, data entry, research, writing, secretarial, web design, customer service, voice operator, medical transcription, regular transcription, legal transcription, medical coding, desktop publishing, telemarketing and sales.
• You will have a business email account
• 24 hour access to receive work
• 24 hour access to technical support
• Access to long-term project listings
• Opportunity to access certain software
• Your own virtual desk/office
What you must do
• Register/Submit application/Resume
• Download the Virtual Assistant Membership Package
• Schedule and Attend a conference call
• Background check
• Skills Test

Axion Data Services Data Entry Operators Work Form Home anywhere in the U.S. or Canada . …. Requirements

16. Priority Data
Data capture workers may work from home through this company.
Email contact:

17. Data Entry Word Processors
Individuals to transcribe audio content of various corporate communications, video productions, web casts and other conferences. Must type 80 words per minute, have excellent grammar and proofreading skills and have experience with MS Word and Excel. Must demonstrate strong computer literacy.

18. TDS Telecom
It's hard to accurately reflect who you are on a resume. Bullet points just don't do justice to the person you are outside of work. Your hobbies, interests, and experiences are things that make you, you. They're also the things that make you the employee that you are.
TDS values your life outside of work. And, TDS appreciates your unique qualities. Our employees' diverse interests, different backgrounds, and varied points of view make the communities we serve, the services we provide, and our company better.
Every day, thousands of TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS®) employees from all walks of life, dedicate themselves to the company's mission of delighting customers and being good citizens. Would you like to join us?

Yoh Company
Data Entry / Clerical Positions
Go to the website and post a resume to be considered for these and other positions.

Data Entry Group Agents - Work From Home
Workers will track client info and enter into our database.
Email for more info or go to our website to apply.

Please Visit Website to apply -
Virtual Assistants
Now Hiring: Word Processing / Data Entry / Clerical / Bookkeeping / Payroll / Transcription / Typing / Legal Assistant / General Office Work / Office Administration

Quality Assurance Editors,Proofreaders, Medical Transcriptionists
More information and how to apply go to: ... scription/

Freelance Translators
Provide translation services for Government, Legal, Education, Technology, Software, Insurance and Automotive. Also work in various medias of Electronics.
Requirements: Must have professional affiliations, experience/history. Have the ability to receive files via internet.
USA & Canada. If you live in another part of the world, must be able to accept US dollars.

General/Legal Transcriptionists
Will provide transcription services for any companies associated with the California Workmans Compensation, also for attorneys.
Requirements: Must have a VEC Infinity footpetal, Microsoft Word 2000 or higher, WordPerfect 12 (this will vary with each client), Internet Explorer, high speed internet connection (DSL/Cable).
Job Term: 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

25. ... tarted.htm
Independent Contractors and Freelance Transcriptionists
Internet-based transcription service offers opportunities for legal and general typists throughout the United States and Canada to work from their own homes via the Internet.
Job Term: independent contractor
For details and to apply,
Necessary Qualifications ... ations.htm

Thank you for your interest in working with us. To proceed you must choose if you want to be paid in Canadian or US dollars. Making your selection downloads a Word document containing a full outline of the positions we have available and answers to all the questions we find potential contractors to have. After you have read through the introductory information in its entirety, you may proceed to the questionnaire and testing process. We currently have a need for Canadian dollar transcriber/transcriber-editor contractors.
Requirements: Transcriptionists must type 70 wpm and have medical or financial transcription experience.
Translators must be able to translate from English to Canadian French.
Location: Worldwide

If a data entry job is what you’re looking for, enter Data Entry. It's that simple!

Work At Home Agents - West at Home

We currently have thousands of West at Home agents from all across the
United States and are seeking hundreds more for long term and seasonal projects.
West at Home agents handle calls for a variety of products and services.
From customer service calls to order processing, every agent receives web based training to handle these incoming calls on behalf of some of the nation’s premier companies in the wireless, retail, Internet, restaurant, and other industries.

Coders and Transcriptionists
This medical record transcription and coding company has opportunities for Coders and Transcriptionists. Coders must have coding experience in RHIA, RHIT, CCA-P, CPC, CPC-H, or CCS. Medical Transcriptionists must have 2 years experience in hospital or multi-specialty clinic transcription.

Coders & Medical Transcriptionists
This innovative medical transcription solutions company has opportunities for Coders & Medical Transcriptionists. Experience required.
Location: US

Data Entry Typists
• Type a minimum of 40 words per minute.
• Requires prompt turnaround from the time of assignment.
• Past experience with transcribing in MS Word and Excel is a must.
• Successful candidates for this position are detail and process oriented.
• Ability to type for extended periods and produce high quality documents.
• Exhibit a high degree of accuracy and exceptional grammar and proofreading skills.
• Must be responsive, dependable, reliable and can function effectively independently.
Education: High school diploma or GED required.

Medical, Legal, News/Media Transcriptionists, Data Entry & Conversion
MedScribe LLC Provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment.Geographic location is not a factor.

Data Entry Medical Coders
Join an established, challenging team of professionals providing support to the Health Information Management Departments across the nation.
Excellent Compensation.
Great Flexibility.
Coding from Home.
Evening and Weekend Work Available.

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34. ... mployment/


Reliability is a must as well as the following items for applying:
1. High speed internet
2. Wave pedal
3. Email address
4. Microsoft Word
5. Transcription program
6. A computer that is no older than 3 years old
7. An up to date and paid for antivirus program

37. ... /form.ashx
Become a legal typist. You don’t need experience!!
Legal and General Typists

SpeakWrite is currently hiring legal and general typists throughout the United States and Canada to work as independent contractors from their own homes. Will have to pass a typing test to be accepted.

Hiring professional Legal & Medical Transcriptionists.

39. Data Entry Internet Research Assistant
Like to read tabloid magazines? Are entertainment websites your favorites on the internet?
We are looking for detail-oriented, self-motivated individuals to search the web for facts about celebrities and add them to our website - Famous Hookups. You will use sites like Wikipedia, People, and IMDB to find information about celebrity relationships and add them to our website.
The ideal candidate:
- Can type 40 words per minute.
- Is comfortable on a computer.
- Loves to spend time on the internet.
- LOVES celebrity news!
- Has good email experience (sending, receiving, attachments).
- Knows how to use a spell checker.
- Likes to investigate and research topics.
- Is organized and responsible.
You can work anywhere in the world that has a connection to the internet including your living room, the coffee shop, or the library.
You set your own hours – morning, noon, or night (or different each day). Work as little as 1 hour per day up to 30 hours per week (7 hours week minimum).

MT Editor United States
Work at home Part-time position.
Many types of transcription.
Verilogue is a fast growing health care informatics company. Looking for individuals to listen to audio of patient/doctor conversations while reviewing transcripts and editing for accuracy and grammar.
Requirements: Minimum of three (3) years recent, medical transcription experience (not to include schooling). No offshore inquiries or agencies please.
Hardware/Software: MS Word, PC with high-speed internet connection.
Method of sending/receiving dictation: Secure internet.
Compensation Information: Part-time evaluation to full-time employment with full benefits.
Apply today at:

Good transcriptionists needed for 12-24-hour turnaround jobs. Digital MP3 files in Word doc. Must have access to all digital equipment and Windows Media Video. Transcribe 1-3 speakers (+ some Q&A). Quality writing and attention to detail a MUST. Payment is based on per audio hour. PayPal is the preferred venue. U.S.A. only.
Send an email to email address below. Please provide a contact phone number.

General Transcriptionists Data Entry
Voss Transcription has a large experienced staff. We require you have digital and tape transcription equipment available to you, previous experience, high speed Internet service, and a minimum 75 wpm. You will be required to pass an English skills test. If you have the requirements and want to join our team, please send a resume to


44. ... nities.asp

45. Please email your compelling cover letter and resume to:
Weblog Data Entry Specialists Telecommuting position
Newstex, a content aggregation company, is looking to expand its blog syndication team.
The position of Weblog Data Entry Specialist is an excellent part-time opportunity for web and blog designers to work from home. The Weblog Data Entry Specialist instructs the Newstex computer system to automatically obtain articles from weblogs (blogs) and store the articles in a Newstex database. The specialist also will assist in report production using Microsoft Excel. Some introductory training is provided to help the specialist understand RSS, which is the basis for blog syndication.
• Examine Atom/RSS files, which to the beginner may closely resemble HTML
• Identify RSS and HTML tags that contain key information about each writer's content
• Enter these tags into the Newstex computer system
• Provide our computer system with additional information obtained from company records stored in Microsoft Excel or Salesforce
• Monitor the end product and make minor adjustments
• Additional related responsibilities assigned by Newstex
• A passion for blogs
• Demonstrated professional interest in the technical wizardry behind blogs and news content syndication
• Literacy in HTML required; familiarity with RSS a plus
• Enthusiastic, resourceful, well-organized self-starter
• Accuracy in typing
• Attention to detail
• Fast and reliable Internet connection
• Ability to work independently
• Basic familiarity with databases
• Experience with Microsoft Excel
• Windows XP or Mac OS X with Internet Explorer 7.0 or Firefox 2.0 or higher
• Some experience in journalism is helpful but not necessary.

You must pay attention to detail and be available to complete a minimum of one hour of audio per day. Must have an Infinity foot pedal and high-speed Internet.
Hardware/Software: MS Word. Method of sending/receiving dictation: Player.
Compensation Information: 7-10 cents per 65 cpl, depending on quality.

Data entry project which involves very repetitive work downloading company information from This job is perfect for those who want to make some money while doing mindless work. Pay starting at $6.50/hr.

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Very interesting post. Thank you for posting this!
Hail Satan and all Gods of Duat!

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Very interesting indeed but how can this be useful to someone in africa say nigeria??

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Location: Republic Of India
Thank you brother for sharing this article , but I still feel intra day trading in equity is better. I have so far earned 1000 $ in 2 months of trading


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@orochimaru. This will benefit those who skills in this category.
@Hidden Warrior. thanks for the interest.
@roadtorevolution. to each their own. I believe in learning some advanced subject/skill in the computer sciences so as to better myself, because this means steady income for me also and making my online warfare more effective.

I haven't been able to update this thread because am undergoing an intensive offline training that will make my online warfare will start becoming extremely effective, so I'm quite busy for now.

DON'T FORGET TO ALWAYS LOOK FOR WAYS OF USING MONEY YOU EARN ONLINE TO MAKE YOUR ONLINE WARFARE/ EDUCATION OF FELLOW GENTILES MORE EFFECTIVE. There is nothing wrong in using tens of thousands of dollars online for our cause, so far you doing this very effectively and safely.

Pay Per Click Search Engine Optimization

Pay-per-Click is a phrase that will become second nature to you when you have an online business or engage in Internet marketing. There are several search engines that utilize a Pay-per-click structure. Knowledge of where to spend your Pay-per-Click budget is crucial to your level of success.

How does Pay-per-Click work? Pay-per-click is a form of search engine optimization. Let’s say that you have a website which sells vitamin supplements. You want your website to have a high ranking on search engines so that you are more visible to potential customers.

At a Pay-per-Click search engine website you bid on the price you are willing to pay in return for a customer lead to your website. The customer lead is based on a keyword.

You have determined, for example, that one of your keywords for your vitamin supplement website is “order vitamins”. You would then bid on the price you will pay a search engine for each time a user clicks your link after searching for your keyword. For example, you bid $0.10 to have your advertisement on the search engine results after a user has typed in the keyword “order vitamins”. Now each time someone searches for "order vitamins" your are not charged $0.10, but if they click your link that is when you are charged. It might seem like that would add up quickly, but you have to keep in mind that these clicks are extremely targeted to your product or service. They just searched for that exact keyword after all.

What Pay-per-Click services are out there? The two most well known Pay-per-Click search engines include Google AdWords and Yahoo.

1. Google AdWords – Google takes it one step further by offering Google Adwords and Google AdSense.

Do you use Google Adwords or Google AdSense?

You would use Google Adwords if you are an advertiser that desires an increase in traffic to your website from Google and Google partners.

You would use Google AdSense if you have your own website and wish to create a partnership with Google. Google will place their advertisements on your website instead. These advertisements are the advertisements from Google AdWords users.

When you use Google AdSense, Google will divvy up the profits with you. The percentage you earn is usually around 50%. This 50% can add up quickly.

Let’s look at the vitamin supplement example. You have a vitamin supplement website and have partnered up with Google through Google AdSense. Google will supply you with a small piece of JavaScript to place in your website that will display Google advertisements related to vitamin supplements. (Remember, these advertisements come from Google AdWords advertisers.)

If someone clicks on one of Google’s advertisements on your website then you will earn a commission. Let’s say the highest bid by a Google AdWords advertiser was $1.50 per click. If a visitor to your website clicks on that advertisement then you will earn $0.75. That will start to add up very quickly.

2. Yahoo – The other “big” Pay-per-Click search engine.

3. There are numerous others including:

• Miva

• Search Feed

• enHance

• LookSmart

• GoClick

Just knowing which Pay-per-Click search engines to use is only half the battle, what really counts is knowing how to make them work for you. Let’s look at Google AdWords and Google AdSense more in depth to plot out a strategy that will have you raking in the money.

Google AdWords
You would use Google AdWords when you are marketing an affiliate’s product or your own product or service.

The key to optimizing your Google Adwords advertising is to present your advertisement in a unique, engaging manner. You must stand out from the crowd and really grab the users attention.

How do you make your product jump off the webpage at the customer? It’s as simple as making a bold statement that elicits a sense of urgency and/or fear in your customer. A humorous statement can also grab a viewer’s attention.

Your advertisement should demonstrate that customer will suffer loss or even be the victim of fraud if they choose a different company for the same product or service. Be careful, though, and avoid mentioning specific names as this can erupt in a legal battle. Perception is everything and it is the perception you want to create.

Creating unique advertising copy can up the profitability of you Google AdWords advertisement in more ways then one. Your “Click Through Rate” otherwise known as your CTR will improve. The higher your CTR rating, the higher you are listed on Google’s sponsored results. Let me give a quick example. If your competitor has a CTR of 1.0 and is paying $1 per click and you have a CTR of 2.0, then you only need to bid $0.50 to be in the same position as him. That’s because Google multiplies your CTR with your Cost Per Click to determine your position on the site. This means the higher your CTR, the less you have to pay per click. This is awesome especially since you may be listed above competitors that are actually paying more per click than you are!

What are some examples of unique advertising copy?

An example of a fear based ad for vitamins would be:
“Stop Overpaying for Vitamins
Visit Us First and Learn.”

An example of a humorous ad for a work at home site would be:
“Ask to be Fired.
Now Work From Home.”

An example of a reverse psychology ad for car wax could be:
“Our Product Stinks!
But it works!”

Peruse through Google sponsored listings to find ads that you love, that you hate, and that you think is unique. If certain ads hit your funny bone or causes you to click on it out of fear then model your ads like the ones that grabbed your attention.

Google AdSense
Now let’s look at making money using Google AdSense. It seems as if all you have to do is place Google AdSense Ads on your website and then watch the money pour in. Not quite because you need traffic to come to your website first.

There are several different ways to improve your website traffic. Many people believe that using Blogs and Search Engine Optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) will send traffic in droves. This is not true. Blogs and Search Engine Optimization are in fact relatively weak when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Blogs and SEO are relatively weak against what?

Being a Traffic Dealer. As a Traffic Dealer you will purchase keyword advertisements from the PPC Search Engines and send that same traffic back to Google via its Adsense program and earn money every time someone clicks. You can buy these keyword advertisements for the top listings on smaller pay-per-click websites. You may also consider another great strategy of buying Google Adwords keywords, but you must buy these at lowest price possible.

By purchasing these keywords at the various PPC's, those visitors will be sent to your website for a specific keyword. This allows you to then barrage them with your Google AdSense advertisements. Design your website so that they will click on the Google AdSense advertisements as much as possible.

As a Traffic Dealer you utilize both Google AdWords and Google AdSense. It is a strategy that your competition has most likely not realized and you can jump in and take control of your advertising profits. Your profits increase because you pay far less for the Google AdWords advertisement than you earn on the Google AdSense advertisements.

Understanding this advertisement strategy is essential, but you also need to know which keywords to purchase. Advertisers that invest money in Google AdWords want their product to be displayed often and at the top of the sponsored list results. Therefore, you want to tap into the keywords that Google AdWords bidders will spend top dollar on.

The cheapest way to purchase keywords is to purchase them from any search except Google. Google is the most expensive. You could purchase a keyword from Search Feed for a much lower price then Google. That rule applies to all PPC's except for Google and Yahoo. All the rest of them work good for this strategy.

You could search for a specific keyword phrase such as “vitamin supplements” on the SearchFeed search engine. The keyword phrase may be at a price of $0.10 per click to achieve a spot at the top of the list. You would check with Yahoo using this Keyword Cost Tool to see the price advertisers are willing to pay for the same keyword phrase. Perhaps the advertisers are willing to pay a higher price of $1.60 for that same keyword phrase on Yahoo. This type of research allows you to compare the price differences what you'll be paying for the traffic vs. what you can make on it. Keep in mind that its usually about 50% of the price you see on Yahoo that you could expect to receive from Google Adsense. That's because Google splits the profits with you.

NOTE: The reason we use Yahoo to test the keyword price is because Google doesn't offer that information, and it's widely accepted that the price of a keyword on Yahoo is very similar to the price on Google for the same keyword.

After you have determined where to you spend the least amount of money for advertising through pay-per-click then you should focus on your website. Build a webpage that is dedicated to your keyword phrase. In this example you would build a webpage that is centered on the keyword phrase “vitamin supplements”.

What web content should place on this keyword phrase focused page? Make sure that you add valuable content that is NOT an advertisement. This is where the free articles that you have found regarding vitamin supplements fits in. You can place the advertisements in between paragraphs to have an easy flow for reading your webpage. Research other websites on the Internet and see how they handle advertisement placement on their webpages.

The main thing is that you don’t fill your webpage with only Google AdSense advertisements. You may be tempted to do this so that your website visitor has to click on your advertisements to proceed. Google looks down upon a webpage that is filled with only advertisements. They will most likely kick you out of the program. Plus, your website visitor may be annoyed. You want to have at least a couple paragraphs of quality information. You're not trying to just create pages for adsense, but you need to actually provide a service for the reader.

Remember that you need to create a webpage focused on your keyword phrase. You need to ensure that you build it correctly in order for Google to place the proper advertisements on your webpage.

In our example, you would place the keyword phrase “vitamin supplements” in the following locations on your webpage:

• Page title

• Heading Tag (H1 and H2)

• Meta tags

• Description tags

• Paragraph text (Create some of the phrases in a bold font.)

• A link with anchor text of “vitamin supplements” that takes the user back to your website homepage.

It’s all about variety…
We used the keyword phrase “vitamin supplements” on our example. However, you also want to use variations of this keyword phrase such as reduced cost vitamin supplements or free vitamin supplements, order vitamins online, etc. Don't forget to add the common misspells as well; supplements with only one "p" instead of two. Variation allows you to tap into more keyword phrases thus increasing your chance of clicks on your advertisements.

Variation also applies to where you invest your money. Google typically pays a 50% commission. However, this percentage is not set in stone. The percentage can vary based on the advertisers that are currently participating in the program. Diversify the keywords you spend money on to avoid being stuck with the results of just one keyword or keyword phrase subject. It may feel like a game of hit and miss in the beginning when you are trying to figure out which keywords to use, but the effort is well worth it.

Quality versus Quantity…
Make sure to have a lot keyword variations that your buying traffic for. You may bid a small amount on Google AdWords such as $0.10 per click about “vitamin supplements”. But you will find that these ads for the main keywords won't get a very high listing at only $0.10 per click. I recommend that you use a lot of abnormal variations like; Order Cheap Vitamins Online, Order Discounted Vitamin Supplements, etc. You may do this because we have discussed that Google favors higher bids in their sponsored listing. Therefore, your listing may be towards the bottom of the list and not noticed as easily. By using longer and more unique key phrases you'll have a better chance to get listed higher up, then if you you chose the short common ones that are highly competitive like the keyword; Vitamins, or Order Vitamins.

Your advertisement will most likely be clicked on fewer times due its placement, BUT you can still make money by sending the visitor to your website that is filled with high bid AdSense advertisements. AdSense advertisements on your webpage may have pay-per-click bids of $50 or more.

Yes, the click-through rates may be lower, but when they do occur you have big bid Google AdSense advertisements waiting for your visitor. So you will in fact make a good deal of money even with a low click-through rate. It will take testing and experience to determine how much you should invest and in what keywords. But once you learn this strategy it will continue to pump out money every day.

This works just the same for all the other PPC Search Engines. Just load them up with tons and tons of keywords that are variations of your sites main keyword.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT Click your own adwords ads that you put on your site. Google monitors this very closely and will ban you from using their services if you click your own ads. This is because google is paying you per click, and they aren't going to pay you for you just clicking your own ads. They take this very seriously.

Start with lower priced keywords…
Confused whether you should go for the expensive or less expensive keywords? A great strategy is to put your money on the lower maximum bid keywords. Find keywords that are as low as $0.05. If a website visitor clicks on your advertisement then you pay $0.05. However, you present them with a Google AdSense website that has advertisements where you make $1.00. You have earned $0.95 if they click on one of your advertisements.

To track the progress of each of your pages, Google allows you to create different channels for each domain you have with Google AdSense. This will allow you to determine which domains are raking in the money and which domains are not as successful and need to be tweaked a bit.

A picture is worth a thousand clicks…
The purpose of the Google AdSense advertisements on your website is to put money in your pocket. Therefore, you want to present them in the most engaging manner to prompt a user to click on them. Plain text is boring. Placing a picture on the advertisement is much more effective. Think about it. Pictures not only break up endless advertisement text, but are more pleasing to the eye. Plus, pictures have been found to yield four times as much in click-through values compared to picture-less advertisements. Wow! What a difference a picture can make!

What you'll want to do is put the images right above your Google Adsense ads. Make sure to put a border around the pictures, because Google requires this type of formatting.

Take it to the next level…
You can try your hand at creating your very own search engine. This can be tricky. You would need to need to construct a search engine type website that has pre-populated search strings. You combine keywords from smaller search engines such as Searchfeed with sponsored results from Google. This is a very targeted and profitable way to make money online.

You have learned here how to really profit from Google. Put these into your toolbox and start making some ridiculous money.

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SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. (link building is the hardest part of SEO)
Coming next from me is “Building a profitable affiliate website”.

Note that pay per click optimization, search engine optimization and affiliate marketing work together.

THE FOLLOWING LINKS ARE VERY USEFUL, PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THEM IF YOU WISH TO ADVANCE FURTHER. ... c=6001971& vid=1-635755086145602000-15750708981311834861!home ... 9771711391 ... mpaign=MFT ... 1311834861

Ranking higher in Free Search Engine Results
Do you know the popular search engine websites? Search engine websites are those websites you use to find information on a specific topic. Popular search engine websites include: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AskJeeves, Excite and Alta Vista.
Your website should be built in a manner that will prompt Search Engines to find your website to be user friendly. A search engine needs to be able to do the following tasks easily through your website:

• Search through your website
• Identify your keywords or keywords phrases on your website
• Place it in a specific category
• Navigate through your website
• Discover useful information
• Be visually pleasing to the eye

The better job you do of completing these tasks, the more search engine optimized your website will be. Your goal should be to complete all of these tasks effectively.
To understand why you need to complete these tasks you first need to know how Search Engines operate. Search engines are gigantic collections of web sites. These collections are databases which are created automatically through software robots and spiders. The purpose of the software is to hunt down websites and categorize them. The software uses a complex algorithm that ranks websites.

If you want to optimize your website then you need to focus on keywords and keyword phrases. Remember to choose a keyword that is under served online. This lessens your competition.
Your website should be based around a keyword or keyword phrase. Provide articles, graphics, and advertisements relating to this keyword or phrase. It is important to keep the information up to date and varied. This will improve your website traffic.

Keyword tools of the trade

Are you curious about your competitor’s use of keywords on their website? You can check out what they are doing by using free tools called Keyword Density Analyzer. You submit the URL of your competitor and this tool will list the keywords, keyword frequency and much more.
Another great tool is to see where you would end up in Google’s website placement. You can use a tool called This is a free tool in which you can find out information about specific keywords. Focus on the “links”

A major factor in building a search engine optimized website is to incorporate optimized links to and from your website. Linking up with websites that have a high Page Ranks (PR) is a key to improving your own page ranking. PR is the system used by Google. Google assigns page rankings to a website on a scale of 1-10. The greater the rank of a linked website the higher your own page will be ranked.
How do you find out the page ranking as determined by Google? You can download the free Google Toolbar (only works on IE). It is a good idea to invest in links that have page rankings of four or greater. Anything less then a page rank of four may not yield the results you desire.
Following are quality incoming links you should consider:

• Websites with a PR of 4 or greater
• Government websites
• Well known authoritative links on your website topic
• Charitable Organizations
• Websites that are relevant to your website topic

If you want to get a link from a certain website, just contact the website owner directly. Charitable organizations may let you use one of their links if you donate to their charity.
Don’t forget the anchor
When you create a link on your website you have to create anchor text. The anchor text just means the title for that link; what the user sees on the webpage as the linked text. It is vital that you vary the anchor text even if it is about the same topic. For example, if the topic was vitamin supplements you may vary the anchor text to include: vitamin, health supplements, vitamins for health, and so on.
Having trouble determining where to find quality links related to your website? There are a host of companies that do the legwork for you.

Two great services include:
• Text Link Brokers (Google Toolbar)

They provide full services including hunting down quality links for you and analyzing the pages that you link to. You want to avoid linking to a website that contains copious amounts of links. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that the page you are linking to have no more than 10 link trades already.

Search Engine Tips and Tricks
A great site that has a lot of useful info:
"If you want to increase your website traffic, you must know how to make your pages search engine friendly, and then submit your site to all the major search engines. Here you will learn how to do this important job properly, and be able to use tools to make it much easier."
Online Directories
Online directories are like a phone book of website links. It is imperative that your link be submitted to the top online directories. This will benefit your page rank and increase the traffic on your website.
Online directories come in two varieties: Paid and Free
PAID online directories provide the benefit of quick addition of your website to the online directory.
Some of the quality PAID online directories include:

FREE online directories are wonderful because they are free! However, you may have to do some volunteer work in order to be listed in the online directory.
Here are some quality FREE online directories include:

Find quality links through Forums
Another way to find high quality links is to participate in forums. Forums are a free way to not only find high quality links, but connect with users that are interested in your product or business. There is a bounty of forums available on the Internet with more new ones popping up each day. Find a forum that is related to your product or service by going through a search engine like Google. Here's a trick to find forums on the topic you're looking for.
Go to Google and search for "forum + your keyword". Lets say you wanted to find forums about Making Money. Then you would search Google for "forum + Making Money". You may find more than one forum related to your product or service. Sign up for as many forums as you can and become active in the forum. The beauty of forums is that when you post a message you can attach your signature and affiliate program URL. If a forum user clicks on your link and then purchases your program you will add money to your bank account!
Make sure that you read the rules regarding forum posts first! Some forums are very strict about anything that is perceived as advertising or spam. Therefore, you must submit posts that provide relevant information as well as a link to your URL. Otherwise your posts may be removed or you may be kicked out of using the forum.
Search engine spiders scan forums pages on a daily basis. Respected forums tend to have a high page rank and can provide you high quality links in return.
Check out the forum called Pay special attention to the Google forum. You can learn a great deal about SEO strategies. Another great forum is I HIGHLY recommend that you check two out as they will have all the training you need to put all these into effect.

Start your own forum
Can’t find a forum that suits your needs? You can create a forum of your own! It is very simple and easy. You may be able to incorporate Google AdSense into your group as well.
You can start your own forum on the following websites:
• Yahoo Groups - Create discussion, mailing lists, and announcements
• Google Groups - Create discussion, mailing lists, and announcements
Starting a group is not only easy, but it is free! It is important to maintain the content in the forum on a daily basis to promote participation.
Create a Blog
Another way to find quality incoming links is to create your own FREE Blog at Guess what? You can create as many free Blogs as you desire. Plus, you can place Google AdSense advertisements on!
If you do create a Blog, make sure that you pick robust keywords that will pack a great punch. It is important to update your Blog as frequently as possible such as on a daily basis. By refreshing content you will not only keep visitors flocking to your website, but will be favored by Google as far as your search engine placement. Google likes to see updated content, so make sure to be an active participant in your Blog.
What other content should you place on your Blog? A lucrative step would be to post reviews about different affiliate products on your Blog. You could write a review of an affiliate’s popular eBook on your Blog. Your Blog visitor could click on the link and if they purchased the book then you’ve just added money to your bank account.
You also want to trade links on your Blog with others sites so when Google spiders it you will shoot up in their search engine placement ratings.
An extra step that many Bloggers forget to do is to PING their Blog each time they post to it. Pinging a Blog sends your new Blog content to a huge chunk of online news resources. It’s as if you are advertising your Blog each time all throughout the Internet for free! This increases your presence on the Internet and also your search engine position. You can use Ping-o-Matic to ping your Blog.
The Blog Submitter requires the following information:
1. username
2. password
3. Keywords
4. Signature Block that links back to your Blogger website
Here’s where the automation comes in. The Blog Submitter will then login into your Blog for you and posts your comments to around 200 different Blogs automatically! The major benefit is that numerous back links will be automatically generated. We know that back links play a major role in search engine placement so your search engine placement should improve.
**NOTE OF CAUTION: Blog Submitter may be viewed as spam by certain Blogs even though it is not spam. You will need to keep this in mind before you purchase Blog Submitter.

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Building a profitable AFFILIATE WEBSITE

Building a profitable affiliate website requires the understanding of basic website and marketing principles. First of all you need to build a website that sells. It is vital to create a website that is focused on your niche product and not filled with endless amounts of information. This is just one tip to help you create a lucrative website.

Whether you are just stepping into the world of earning money on the Internet or a seasoned professional, you will want to read this section to ensure that you are maximizing your websites profit.

Following are six tasks you must complete correctly in order to craft a profitable affiliate website:

Task #1: What is your niche market? You need to identify your potential customers and clients. It is critical to find your niche and market it to its full extent. Focusing on your niche market will reel in more customers because you aren’t barraging them with extra information that they don’t need.

Shy away from websites that cover a wide range of topics. You want to establish yourself as a leader in a niche market that is under served online. You should find a suitable niche market that currently has less than one million websites on the Internet. This drop in competition will help you grab more of the customers that search for your keywords and phrases regarding your product or business. Plus, you have a better chance of a higher search engine ranking.

Task #2: Create a website of substance. A website is not merely a reserved parking spot on the Internet, but a means of communicating the services and products you have to offer. Potential customers are interested in your niche area and will also crave informational articles about your product or service. Therefore, you need to provide web article content.

It is comforting to a customer to see that you have invested time in supplying them “free” information through these articles. Plus, you will improve your free search engine ranking by incorporating niche keywords and phrases into your website content.

Where can you find articles to post on your website and how much do they cost? The good news is that you can find FREE articles on the Internet through a wide variety of sources. The vast supply of free articles will keep your website filled with pertinent information on a daily or weekly basis.

Following are a list of websites where you can access a plethora of free website articles:

Task #3: Seek out the cream of the crop affiliate programs. Affiliate programs can definitely build your bank account. That is, if you join the BEST affiliate programs. Don’t just join affiliate programs on a whim, though; join the ones that will make you money.

Confused about which affiliate programs to become part of? You’re in luck because here is a list of the affiliates you should join.

Top Affiliate Program Resources:

Following is a list of affiliate programs that you should join:

Clickbank – Clickbank focuses on digital items that can be downloaded.
RakutenMarketing – This affiliate website is worthy as it is used by several highly profitable, recognizable companies.
Commission Junction – This affiliate is the leader in selling products such as clothing and computers.

Second Choice Affiliate Programs:

While not the best of the best, these affiliate programs are still worth considering. They include:

Clearcompassdigitalgroup – This affiliate program is comprised of several small advertisers.
WebSponsors – This affiliate runs a lot of email offers with “free” extras.
Performics – This affiliate provides quality brick & mortar based business opportunities.
ClixGalore – This affiliate offers a multi-leveled network that has a respectable amount of diversity.

Peruse these affiliate program resources to find affiliate programs to invest your time and energy into. You can speed up this process by checking the Earnings-per-Click” (EPC) for each program and select the program that has the highest EPC rating. Each affiliate program resource website might state their EPC with another term. Clickbank, for example, calls their EPC, “Gravity”.

Task #4: Offer Incentives for Customers. Customers will flock to what they perceive as a great deal. A rebate off the regular price is a great way to do that. Many times popular products have earned name recognition. Customers often type the product’s name into search engines in order to find your affiliate product.

When they do find your affiliate website, you can hook them with a rebate. Let’s say that you earn a 60% commission on a popular Clickbank product. You could feasibly offer this product to customers at a 25% discount off of the regular price. A customer will jump at the chance to receive a discount.

Don’t give the discount immediately however. Offer a 25% rebate instead. Why? Offering the 25% discount up front will guarantee that you sell them the product for a lower price, but a rebate of 25% on the other hand is not often utilized. For one reason or another people do not often follow up on the rebate. Only about 15-20% of customers remember to send in the rebate. This is to your advantage.

As example, let’s say the product costs $100. Your commission is 60% so you will earn $60. You can offer a rebate of 25% that amounts to $25 off. Therefore, if the customer takes you up on the rebate offer then you will make $35. However, like I said, most customers do not follow through with the rebate so you earn $60 even though you initially hooked them with the 25% rebate.

How should you offer the rebate? Explain that if the customer orders directly from your website link that the rebate is valid. Request that they send in a receipt regarding their purchase. State that the rebate is valid 60 days after purchase. You'll want to make sure to wait until 60 days have passed to make sure they haven't already requested a refund from Clickbank. It is very easy to pay a rebate through Paypal or by old-fashioned check.

If you are risk taker you can increase the rebate amount. It is up to your level of risk aversion and experience.

It is true that anyone could purchase a Clickbank program through their own affiliate link and have massive savings up to 75%. But guess what? Most people don’t realize they can save money doing this. So point them to your affiliate link instead.

The major benefit of offering a rebate is that it distinguishes your affiliate from other competing affiliates. There may be several other affiliates selling the same product, but you are selling the product at a discount price (with the rebate).

Task #5: Cash in on lead generation. Sales may be the number one thing on your mind as an affiliate. But don’t forget about generating leads. Why? Generating leads will put more money in your pocket, plain and simple.

How do you generate a lead? Leads can be generated by first offering free information for a product or service. Next you follow up with a contact information capture form that forces the customer to fill out lead forms in order to access the free information.

Let’s say, for example, that you wanted to create sales leads for a health product. You can attract customers with the option of viewing free information and research regarding the health product. However, before they can view the free information they must first fill out a no obligation form regarding the health product. This is known as a “forced lead”.

This lead from your affiliate page is a benefit for the health product company. You should be compensated for your lead. Many companies do not want to spend money on forced leads. However, you can work with them to explain that you are giving free related information. They may then approve your lead generation and compensate you for your effort.

Offering free information is beneficial to everyone. You will benefit from the lead generation fee. Your customer will benefit from learning more about the product or service for free. The company that owns the product or service will have a lead to follow up on for an actual sale of their product.

What companies have established pay-per-lead networks? Following are five companies to get you started:
• Clickbank
• Commission Junction
• RakutenMarketing
• Clearcompassdigitalgroup
• ClixGalore
Task #6: Build your affiliate website.Building a website has never been easier. There are many programs on the market that allow you to create a dynamic website quickly and relatively cheaply. Many website building programs are geared for the non-technical person meaning you don’t necessarily have to know how to program in HTML to create a robust website.

Seal of approval… Don’t forget that you want to convey that you have a legitimate business through your website. A great way to accomplish this is by applying for seals of approval companies like the Better Business Bureau. Your customer will feel much more confident about your business and services if you have been prescreened by the Better Business Bureau which will lead to more sales.

The Better Business Bureau is not the only resource to seek approval from. You can garner seals of approval and awards from the following websites:
• Truste
• Better Business Bureau
• Better Internet Bureau

Task #7: Creating a site that SELLS! I personally think the easiest way to get your first profitable website is to start with a “Review” website on Clickbank products. Build your website simply and quickly. Write reviews about other Clickbank products. The beauty of a review website is that you don’t have to worry about customer complaints. The product merchant is responsible for the effectiveness of the product, not you. You are merely providing a review.

Creating your website is at the heart of starting your online business and the next step is to write a slam dunk sales letter. Sales letters play a key role in your financial success. The sales letter must be gripping, interesting, and communicate the necessary information to your customer.

You’ve most likely read sales letters for products or services in the past. Some sales letters you came across were horrible, while others prompted you to buy right on the spot. So how do you write an effective sales letter?

A sales letter must include following components to convert a lead to a sale:
• Display Optimism
• Exhibit Neutrality
• Demonstrate Expertise
• Stress Immediacy
• Scare Them a Bit
• Reverse Psychology

Note: Google recommends that your website isn't all about affiliate marketing.

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Absolute top quality advice thanks

I have my own business that advice will come in handy :D

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